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Simplifying application Demos – Network, Security & Log Director hosted in AWS
Aug 11, 2015

 Integrated Network management demos

Have you ever wondered how to access the latest Junos Space Network Management app demos with out having to find a VM to install it yourself? In order to streamline demos of various Junos Space applications we have hosted Network director, Security director & Log director on the AWS cloud, which will help you access the demos without having to worry about VPN/Lab connectivity issues. Some of the benefits of this approach are


    • Demo servers are publicly accessible by both SE's & customers without any network restrictions
    • Applications are updated whenever a new release is announced
    • One point location to access all application demos
    • Dynamic scaling of resources if required
    • Real time device configuration changes are supported using the device simulators
    • Support for real time monitoring & Analytics data

Some of the factors we have considered before moving to the cloud were to address the benefits mentioned above. The demo setup currently has Network director, Security director & Log director installed. Network director uses the device simulators to populate the data and Security director uses the vSRX devices in Juniper PET lab


You can register for demo access here.


Functionalities available


Security director

  • Firewall Policies
  • NAT Policies
  • IPS
  • VPN
  • UTM
  • Application Firewall
  • Signature download/install
  • Policy Hit Count
  • Policy Analysis
  • Logging: Event Viewer
  • Device Configuration

Network director

  • Dashboard view
    • Customize the different widgets as per their choice to look at network health from all perspectives.
  • Complete life cycle management in different views (logical/location/device/custom group views)
    • Build lifecycle
      • Discover devices workflow
      • Various device management tasks
      • Profiles creation and assignment
    • Deploy lifecycle
      • Deploy config
      • Resync config
      • Manage port admin
      • Backup/Restore device configuration files
      • Manage image repository
    • Monitor lifecycle
      • Monitor data through various widgets – Traffic,Client,Equipment
    • Fault lifecycle
      • View alarms by severity,type and active alarms
    • Report lifecycle
      • Create report definition
      • View generated reports
    • Location management
      • Setup locations
      • Assign devices to various locations
    • Custom group management
      • Setup custom groups with rules
      • Manage devices in custom groups
    • Datacenter view
      • Datacenter management tasks
      • View connectivity between switches/Servers/VMs
      • View inventory – VMs/Overlay networks/Hypervisor servers/VTEPs
      • Monitor vSummary, vMotionHistory
      • Fault
      • Reports
    • Topology view
      • Location vice topology view
      • View alarms by serverity/type/state