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Industry Solutions and Trends
The Big NFV Idea - Service Agility
Sep 17, 2015

So, what’s your Big NFV Idea? At Juniper, one of ours is “Service Agility” as introduced here:




Our Service Creation vision is clear and our goals for our Service Provider (SP) customers, aggressive. According the Harvard Business Review, Amazon releases a new software change every 11 seconds, or 8,000 per day. Comparing Amazon to a traditional telco is dubious, but Juniper is helping SPs all around the world achieve their own kind of service agility.


Our vision is to use an NFV service delivery platform to help morph telco product development from a process that involves long term business planning and forecasting to a continuous activity based on rapid experimentation and real-time adaptation to the dynamics of the marketplace. Service development cycles that once took 12-18 months can now be completed, from start to finish, in weeks. We’re seeing service provisioning times that previously took weeks performed now in minutes. Hyper-fast, new feature release schedules once imaginable only from web services companies are now within reach for traditional Telcos. And self-service portals for network services are increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn. A key element to realizing all of this is end-to-end automation of service deployment, operation, and testing. Automation speeds time to revenue, reduces errors, and removes some OpEx from the network.


Our goals are to help SPs deliver new services faster and profitably reach new customer segments and geographies that you used to think were unreachable. SPs are looking to keep pace with younger and smaller, but more nimble, competitors. The idea is to match service delivery investment to the speed of the market and the on-demand expectations of today’s consumer and enterprise customer.


Now vision is great, but how do you get from point A to B? How do SPs overcome key challenges such as their existing capabilities and processes, network migration, and OSS/BSS integration? What new services should SPs be launching, who should they sell these services to and how do they bring them to market? We look forward to continuing these conversations with you in the coming weeks. . .