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The Big Payoff – Partnering with Juniper Networks
Feb 7, 2017

Juniper Networks and our partners had a great 2016. But we are always looking for ways to better support our partners and enrich the Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) program even more. So, for 2017, we’re rolling out a number of enhancements aimed at enabling our partners to be more successful.


First, we’re introducing bigger rebates for Elite and Select partners on partner-led business. We have added rocket fuel to our program in 2017. Specifically, we have nearly tripled the partner-led element of partner rebates for Elite and Select partners. This will allow our partners to proactively build up their Juniper practices with the knowledge that richer rewards are available.



Slide1.pngWe’ve introduced revamped, ready-made rewards for partner sales organizations. When it comes to rewarding your sales teams, you can simply opt-in to the Juniper Reward program. The program rewards sales teams focused on partner-led business with points that can be redeemed for some really great items. It’s also linked to our deal registration system, which means that when your sales teams win then you win with enhanced levels of discount and margin for qualifying deals.


We’re also announcing a new worldwide System Integrator program. We get great feedback from our partners who tell us they love the simplicity and richness of the JPA program. However, the market moves fast and our partners have asked that we innovate where needed. So, we are introducing a new worldwide System Integrator (SI) program. The SI program is designed to support national, theater and global partners who deliver large public and private cloud infrastructure and data center projects by matching SI program requirements with a partner’s service delivery footprint.


Finally, we’re modernizing our Juniper Champions program. Last year was a great year for our unique and popular Champions program. We had a 15 percent YoY growth in the number of Ingenious Champions. After receiving feedback from our Partner Technical Advisory Board, we’re simplifying the Champions program by creating a single-base curriculum at the Aspiring and Innovative levels with a choice at the Ingenious level for Multi or Focused Disciplines. We’ve also completed the Ingenious level for Design for those with a more pre-sales orientation. As we rapidly move forward with Networks Skills Transformation, we will introduce an elective option with curriculum and certification choices in automation, data center and cloud. Watch for these updates in Spring 2017.


Together, these JPA program enhancements can lead to big payoffs for partners. And that’s our goal. Looking forward to a successful 2017!