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Industry Solutions and Trends
The Connected Campus: Securing Higher Education by Tom Boehmer (part 2)

Since cybersecurity has been the #1 issue on the Educause Top 10 IT issues list for last two years, I thought I would highlight how we can secure the Connected Campus


Cybercrime is a massive, organized business that generates over $2 trillion a year and higher education institutions are among the many daily targets.  Colleges and universities need to think differently about security and consider a new “degree option” – a program in which all of your network components are orchestrated into an end-to-end defense domain. 


At Juniper, we call this Software-Defined Secure Network or SDSN.  SDSN is a unified cybersecurity platform that transforms every network component into an enforcement point, making them an integral part of the security umbrella.  The SDSN platform will equip the campus IT teams with centralized policy and control, raising threat intelligence across the entire infrastructure enabling real time analysis and dynamic enforcement.


The Connected Campus built on SDSN will:

  • Simplify multivendor security environments, increasing efficiency in the event of a breach.
  • Provide tools that deliver meaningful insights so security experts can do their jobs more effectively.
  • Rapidly defend your institution from unknown or hard-to-detect malware such as ransomware.
  • Deploy efficiency with script-building services for installation, upgrades, configuration, and monitoring.

   SDSN building blocks.png                                                                               Figure 1 SDSN Building Blocks


If it is connected, it can be infected.  Nowadays, everything in our colleges and universities are connected. Let us work together to manage the security sprawl with a unified cybersecurity platform that dynamically provides automated enforcement and distributed containment.  Powered by automated remediation, real-time intelligence, and machine learning, your connected campus will know when and how to defend your institution’s students, faculty, staff and intellectual properties.

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