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The Magic of NFV through Cloud CPE—Now with SD-WAN Functionality
Jun 28, 2016

This past fall, Juniper introduced a new Cloud CPE solution, an exciting new addition to our Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) portfolio. This new solution empowers service providers to simplify the service creation process, reducing the operation from months to minutes by completely automating the entire service delivery workflow.  Service providers can now introduce managed business services such as virtual CPE products, delivered on-premises or in the cloud, with a new level of speed and agility that greatly improves their value to enterprise customers.


Introducing a Secure SD-WAN Managed Service Offering

To expand the capabilities of our Cloud CPE solution, we started by leveraging our advanced routing heritage to deliver a transport agnostic solution that can be integrated into any existing network infrastructure. These advanced routing features are paired with rich and dynamic application-aware features to efficiently utilize multiple WAN links such as traditional MPLS-based connectivity with broadband Internet, 4G, or LTE. For the first time, businesses have intimate and personal control over how their applications traverse the WAN so critical ERP applications can flow over strict SLA MPLS links while non-critical applications like YouTube and Facebook are relegated to broadband Internet connections.


Today, we are pleased to announce SD-WAN functionality as a new service offering available on Juniper’s Cloud CPE Solution.  With Cloud CPE’s holistic NFV approach, managed service providers need only invest once to gain new levels of operational efficiencies while driving unique offerings that will increase their value to end customers—something that pure-SD-WAN players cannot offer today. By taking the power of the industry’s most advanced and secure service creation engine, managed service providers can help customers extend application-aware new services distributed on premises, centralized in the cloud, or simultaneously—all at the push of a button.







We’re not the only ones who think enterprises will find this capability extremely valuable.


Gartner has published research exploring how to best leverage network function virtualization to deliver improved service flexibility, reduce operational costs and increase security. The report recommends product teams and network architects, “utilize vCPE as a managed SD-WAN service offering. The SD-WAN services can support differentiated services, thereby further simplifying execution and delivery of varying competitive functionalities against CSP competitors.” The report goes on to state, “by 2020, 15 percent of all enterprise routers will run on vCPE infrastructure, up from none today... Product teams and network architects must properly exploit these technology trends while addressing transformational issues*.”


*Source: Gartner Inc., "Virtual Customer Premises Equipment Creates New Revenue Opportunities for CSPs in Security as a Service and SD-WAN", (February 23 2016) by Deborah Kish, Akshay Sharma, Lawrence Pingree 


On-Demand Services

Our easy, push-button approach not only personalizes services for each individual business customer.  It also means that small and medium-sized companies can now fiercely compete with larger players, resulting in a more level playing field. This approach is only made possible through Juniper’s commitment to open standards and our foundational technology, including:


  • Contrail Service Orchestration: Our comprehensive management and orchestration platform that delivers and manages virtualized network services such as virtual security.


  • NFX Series Network Services Platform. The NFX250 operates as a secure, on-premises device running multiple virtual network functions such as Juniper’s vSRX virtual firewall, Silver Peak’s CPX virtual appliance for WAN Optimization, Brocade’s Ruckus Virtual Smartzone Controller, and other third-party VNFs, simultaneously.


With the addition of SD-WAN functionality, managed service providers can offer new levels of agility to the branch. For example, a hot new retail company can coordinate the opening of multiple new branches in several territories without ever having to provision a router.  These enhancements to Cloud CPE will open the door to new business opportunities for both managed service providers and their customers.


We are thrilled to bring SD-WAN functionality to our customers.  After all, this is not your average solution; by combining it with Juniper’s Cloud CPE, we have completely automated the entire service delivery life cycle to provide a secure, rich, and dynamic application experience. We are unlocking the next level of personalization to the service creation process and increasing the brand value of managed service providers while extending that ability to their customers. We can’t wait to see what new innovations will emerge and what successes businesses will achieve through the power of Juniper’s Cloud CPE. 

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