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The Self-managed Enterprise Campus Network is Here
Mar 22, 2018

There’s lots of buzz in the industry around automation and APIs on networking platforms, especially to enable software defined networking for enterprises. While such enhancements would be great for organizations with large operations teams, they aren’t much help for most enterprises that have limited IT budgets. Many enterprises are looking for campus network solutions that self-manage without the need for extensive in-house automation capabilities.




JFE 1.jpgBasic Self-Managed Access Networks with Virtual Chassis

Virtual Chassis technology in the access layer is a great example of this type of solution. It allows you to manage up to 10 switches as a single logical switch. Common maintenance tasks like software upgrades, switch additions and replacements are automated. For adds, an operations team simply ships a switch to the location. Anyone (no networking skills) plugs it into the network. The switch is automatically upgraded to the correct software version, including configurations. This reduces managed elements from 100s of devices to 10s of devices in a campus. So, Virtual Chassis automates these tasks at the access layer, but what about the the distribution and core layers?




JFE 2.jpgDistribution and Core Challenges

Core and distribution networks are complex, involving configuration, maintenance, management and troubleshooting of STP, Multi-Chassis LAG and routing protocols between many wiring closets, distribution and core layers. This ties up highly skilled network engineers in day-to-day network operations.


Operations teams have a choice: either add more team resources or spin up skilled teams to automate and maintain these networks. But most organizations treat IT as a cost center, so they don’t have the resources to ramp up programming skillsets nor the flexibility to grow exisiting operations teams with business demands.




JFE 3.jpgJunos Fusion Enterprise Automates the Entire Campus

Junos Fusion Enterprise answers this challenge. It’s Juniper’s industry leading solution for branch or campus networks. Junos Fusion simplifies the network like Virtual Chassis, but at a higher scale. Junos Fusion manages an entire building network with up to 128 access switches as a single logical switch. It provides the following advantages:

  • Hides Complexity
    • All Layer 2/Layer 3 connectivity between the access layer and distribution/core layers are managed by Junos Fusion.
    • Network operations teams don’t need to configure, maintain or troubleshoot STP, Mult-Chassis LAG and other network protocols required in a campus network. Junos Fusion allows you to manage an entire enterprise as a single switch, similar to how Virtual Chassis abstracts complexity at the access layer.
  • Plug and Play
    • Junos Fusion automates the addition or replacement of access switches without the need for skilled network engineering resources.
  • Uninterrupted software upgrades
    • Doesn’t bring the entire campus down for software upgrades. Each element can run different versions of software, allowing wiring closets to be upgraded independently. In fact, wiring closet switches run a light weight operating system and hence do not require frequent upgrades. And when an upgrade is required, a wiring closet can be upgraded in couple of minutes.
    • Core devices act as independent control planes and can be upgraded individually, ensuring continuous availability of the campus network during upgrades.
  • Multi-vendor and phased migration support
    • Non-Juniper access layer switch can still connect using MC-LAG.
    • You do not have to migrate your entire network to Junos Fusion in one go. You can migrate a few closets at a time to Junos Fusion.
  • Improved security and reduced OPEX with auto provisioning
    • Junos Fusion Enterprise works with leading NAC vendors to provide device profiling. A port changes its properties automatically based on the type of endpoint that is connected to that port.
  • Simplified, Intuitive GUI
    • Junos Space Network Director provides an intuitive GUI to deploy, configure, maintain and troubleshoot Junos Fusion Enterprise




JFE 4.jpgSelf-Managed Networks Beyond Your Campus

If your campus needs more than 128 access switches you can deploy multiple Junos Fusion Enterprise fabrics. Connect these fabrics using Layer 3 and use a Layer 2 overlay to span your VLANs across locations. Network Director ensures common configuration across these fabrics.


Junos Fusion Enterprise is the only solution in the industry to provide a true simplified network architecture for medium to large-sized campuses. Let Junos Fusion Enterprise self-manage your enterprise network so you can focus on enabling business services.


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