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The Simplification Trifecta
Oct 1, 2015

cantu_volcano.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpgEver see a lightning storm? This visual display of cool blue and white electrical surges lighting up the sky is truly stunning. Most people have seen this and felt the crack and rumble of the subsequent thunder. Few people however have witnessed the frightening grandeur of an explosive volcanic eruption. Imagine a Pelean eruption, jetting ash, rocks and fountains of molten earth, shaking the surrounding terrain in a shark-like frenzy. Now imagine experiencing both simultaneously! Will the photograph ever do justice to the awesomeness of experiencing such a cataclysmic natural display of our planet’s sheer, raw energy?


It’s great when things come together naturally, especially when the resulting whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy is a word that comes to mind. And that’s exactly what we’re excited by with our network simplification story, a main component of our Unite announcement this week. In fact, this enterprise simplification involves three great innovations that together deliver that satisfying synergy, much like a lightning eruption. The Simplification Trifecta is Junos Fusion Enterprise, the EX9200 platform and Network Director.


Junos Fusion Enterprise allows you to collapse your entire enterprise network infrastructure into a single device with up to 6000 access ports. Using the EX9200 as the core, aggregation device, you can connect well over a hundred EX Series access switches as satellite devices, which provide the network access. Need to update a VLAN? Now only update one device instead of a hundred. How’s that for simplification? Imagine the savings in time and OPEX. And we’re only scratching the surface. Junos Fusion Enterprise can also unify your enterprise campus network operations with your on premise data center—simply add your ToRs into the Fusion Enterprise fabric. Now both your wiring closet and data center switches are collapsed into one managed device. Junos Fusion Enterprise also saves you CAPEX with its flexible deployment options and plug-n-play, zero touch provisioning. Need to add more capacity to the 7th floor? Simply connect a new EX4300 to its neighboring access switch in the 7th floor wiring closet in a stacked configuration and Junos Fusion Enterprise does the rest. Plus, there’s no need to run a new uplink cable to the core/aggregation device, which saves you time and CAPEX.


The beauty of Junos Fusion Enterprise is that it’s built with the flexible and scalable EX9200 at the core. By employing the EX9200 as the aggregation device of a Junos Fusion Enterprise fabric all of the satellite devices naturally inherit the EX9200’s capabilities and features—which leads to the next major innovative simplification. See, the EX9200 can employ EVPN to build an L3 fabric connecting two or more remote locations, whether they’re other enterprise campus locations or remote data centers. The combination of Junos Fusion Enterprise and EX9200 leads to a beautiful thing: each satellite device now inherits all the benefits of EVPN without actually ever implementing it. So how exactly does that simplify the network? Well, now you can extend a single network policy across all of your distributed locations. For example you can enforce a single guest access network with the same access policy extended from your San Francisco offices to your Boston headquarters and across to your London center. Need to update the guest access network? Now do it once and it’s automatically proliferated to all sites, globally. This ability to create and manage consistent, coherent network segments that span the globe is truly elegant simplification.


Finally with Network Director, you get a single management view of your entire network of one or more Junos Fusion Enterprise fabrics. Although a single Fusion Enterprise fabric can support up to 6000 access ports, maybe your enterprise is just so big. Perhaps you’re a world renowned university with hundreds of buildings on campus supporting a vibrant undergraduate, graduate and postdoc community pioneering the sciences and steering the arts. You may well require several Fusion Enterprise fabrics to interconnect your entire campus. Network Director unifies the management of all of your Junos Fusion Enterprise fabrics. If you need to update policy, do it once through Network Director and it proliferates that update to all your Junos Fusion Enterprise fabrics. So, again, your management is vastly simplified, saving you time and OPEX.


Together, Junos Fusion Enterprise, EX9200 and Network Director form The Simplification Trifecta. Although they each stand on their own in simplifying your network, combined, Junos Fusion Enterprise, EX9200 and Network Director deliver an unprecedented, multi-dimensional simplification of your enterprise network. It’s almost like beholding a lightning storm within an epic volcanic eruption.


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