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Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Juniper Networks Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise
Mar 23, 2017

As enterprises embark on the digital transformation journey to take advantage of artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, IoT and cloud, they need network infrastructure that gives them a solid foundation. Juniper Networks® Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise solution enables networking across your entire enterprise – campus, branch and data center networks – ultimately helping you reduce risk, increase agility, lower cost and enhance customer experience.


Figure 1: Juniper Networks  Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise solutionFigure 1: Juniper Networks Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise solution


Here are the Top 6 reasons why enterprises embarking on the journey of digital transformation should switch to Juniper’s Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise solution:


  1. A united approach to enterprise networking: In today’s competitive world, to stay ahead, enterprises need a long-term trusted partner and a solution that unites siloed campus, branch and data center networks all under one umbrella for seamless integration and interoperability. At Juniper, we understand that approach and thus, created Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise. For every enterprise network – campus, branch and data center – Juniper offers clearly differentiated and interoperable entry-level, midrange and high-end switches.


  1. A single operating system for all networking devices: If you’re currently managing an enterprise network, you likely have to understand a different command line interface/operating system (CLI/OS) for every device type in your network—routers, switches and firewalls. Learning a new OS for every device type not only increases complexity for your operations team, it also slows them down—not a very efficient way to run a network.

    All Juniper products—routers, switches and security devices—run the same, simple operating system: Junos OS.  This helps your operations team quickly get up to speed and leverage those newly developed skills across the entire Juniper product portfolio.


  1. A simple solution for managing switch fabrics: Executing operational and configurational tasks on each individual switch in your network can be taxing.  To simplify switch management, Juniper supports various fabric architectures that address your unique scalability requirements.

    Juniper’s Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric, and Junos Fusion Enterprise technologies reduce network complexity and operational expenses by allowing multiple distributed Juniper switches to be interconnected and managed as a single, logical device.  Fewer physical switches to manage means more time to grow your business.  Moreover, Juniper fully automates the switch fabric provisioning and configuration process with Junos Space Network Director, a powerful management tool that helps you see, analyze and control your entire enterprise from a single pane of glass.


  1. Comprehensive automation and programmability: Manually configuring a network increases the probability of human error. This inevitably leads to greater system downtime and increases the time required to provision new applications—both significant obstacles to agility.

    To meet your goal of business agility, Juniper’s Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise offers various automation features, including:


  • Zero-touch provisioning: Using zero-touch provisioning, newly deployed Juniper EX Series and QFX Series switches can be automatically configured with the appropriate software based on device type, dramatically simplifying the rollout process.
  • Puppet, Chef and Ansible support: Our EX Series and QFX Series switches support the industry’s most popular automation frameworks, giving you the flexibility to perform the specific tasks that your environments requires.
  • Python scripting: Our Python micro framework, Junos PyEZ, lets you manage EX Series and QFX Series switches using a familiar tool.


  1. Flexible SDN Overlay options: Multiple networking options lead to innovation in infrastructure, allowing companies to design architectures and develop SLAs tailored to their specific use cases.

    Juniper’s Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise offers a scalable solution with common switching portfolio for every customer, whether they prefer off-the-shelf options such as VMware or more DevOps-type solutions that leverage OpenStack via OpenContrail.


  1. Security for your enterprise: Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) solution leverages the entire network—not just perimeter firewalls—for threat detection and security enforcement. Our EX Series and QFX Series switches perform intrusion detection and policy enforcement, giving you complete end-to-end network visibility. For the first time, Juniper’s SDSN goes beyond perimeter protection, turning your network infrastructure into an enforcement domain.

Juniper’s Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise solution leverages a broad portfolio of reliable, simple and smart switching, security and management solutions to help your business seamlessly connect people, devices, machines and things in distributed enterprise environments. There’s no easier way to help your enterprise embark on the digital transformation journey.


For more information, visit the EX Series and QFX Series on



Jul 28, 2017

I find the service options presented in the  Juniper forurms very much worth a try, however I am limited in what I can introduce into our environment, even on a small scale given our current topology and security practices.  We use Juniper devices in our environment.  Due to recent changes in service offerings, I do see a window of opportunity in the future.  There may be a long range plan that I am not aware of, yet.  But, I review the documentation as often as I can and participate in giving feedback.  Juniper Unite has many desired features, I'm afraid would not be an option for our current environment.

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