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Using the Draft to Build a Solid Network Foundation
Jul 11, 2017

The amateur draft—an annual rite where sport franchises select the best available players, —is arguably the most exciting part of the off season.


Whether it’s the NHL, NBA, MLB, or NFL, teams systematically take turns selecting the best available draft-eligible players from high schools, colleges, and various minor leagues, as well as players from professional leagues around the world.


All successful teams follow a similar strategy: they assemble a strong core of players over time and then tweak their roster via trade or free agency, acquiring complementary role players who enhance the skillsets of the existing core.  In other words, they build a solid foundation based on an open and flexible structure that can seamlessly integrate the best available elements to meet constantly evolving challenges.


Sound familiar?


The best networks are built in much the same way.  For instance, the open programmability of the Juniper Networks Junos operating system has ushered in a new era of business innovation. Service providers and enterprises alike can maximize business outcomes by automating network operations. Rather than manually deploy and manage a network infrastructure that can only scale as fast as existing resources allow, one can now leverage APIs, scripts, and an open-source framework to build a foundational network with automated configuration, real-time management, and dynamic scalability. More importantly, a foundational network that is completely open to third-party programmability increases agility, reduces operational complexity, and unlocks immediate market opportunities—critical in this increasingly competitive market.


Juniper has been at the forefront of network automation, spearheading disaggregation of software from hardware, deeper componentization, and broader API programmability that enable service providers and enterprises to build secure, scalable foundational networks for the future.


I would like to invite you to explore the various use cases that Juniper Networks automation has to offer. Watch our latest webinar and learn how Groupon, a leading online retailer, used Junos OS programmability to rapidly automate clos-fabric data centers.  


There are endless possibilities with Juniper’s automation.  Visit the Automation Use Cases page on to learn more.



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