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Industry Solutions and Trends
What will 2015 hold for digital marketing and social media?
Jan 8, 2015

10 Digital Marketing and Social Trends for 2015


It is that time of year where I review what’s happened in the past 12 months and see what trends I can see starting to emerge for the coming year. Here are my top ten trends, which I think will shape digital marketing in the coming 12 months;


  1. Social Selling is here for B2B marketing proving returning on investment (ROI) and is my big bet for 2015. Today we see smart organisations utilising the social channels to gain customer insights, competitor insights, employee engagement, brand advocacy and even open up new revenue streams. Social selling will dominate 2015.
  2. Personalisation – startups using individuals’ social media and digital footprints to create and develop more personalised products from photographs, text and video content created will do well particularly with pricing aimed at the midmarket level. An example from 2014 was, we’ll see many businesses like this spring up in 2015.
  3. Personal Branding verses Corporate Branding – this tiny contender personal branding has been around for a few years now, but it will be a serious brand contender in 2015. Those organisations that embrace individual personal brands within the enterprise structure will win, those that see the corporate brand has more power will lose. The challenge for organisations will be balancing the two.
  4. New apps and online services for the time poor will start to appear frequently in the app stores from automating simple tasks to personal assistants on your mobile devices. Machine intelligence will be big business in 2015.
  5. 4G mainstream, 3G clogged networks. 4G will become the network of choice across the majority of the major cities throughout Europe with much of the 3G network clogged with video and data traffic. Users will flock to 4G throughout 2015, as the desire to consume and create more video content rises exponentially. Many Asian countries will continue to trial 5G in the coming year.
  6. Internet of Things is fast becoming mainstream. More items will become connected to the internet than ever before during 2015. WIFI connections will become the normal for all things manufactured during 2015 drawing in an era of a truly connected world.
  7. Social advertising will continue to be big hit in 2015 with new innovative formats and larger revenues generated from the major platforms during 2015.
  8. End user, employee and brand generated video content will become the primary content pieces sort in marketing campaigns throughout 2015. A video strategy and tactics are vital for marketing success in 2015.
  9. User generated content will continue to be a dominant player in content marketing strategies during 2015. Winners will be those you are able to integrate customer and partner content into the overall corporate content marketing calendar.
  10. 2015 is the Year of Marketing Advocacy through your employees, customers and partners. It is important for your social and online engagements to be driven by employees because they are our biggest fans and can connect the brand with networks marketing can't access with bought lists and advertising. If you aren't implementing an advocacy programme covering customers, employees and partners through social, then you’re missing a trick. Your competitors will see this and start targeting your customers and install base. Taking opportunities from you during 2015. Don’t miss out on the Year of Advocacy!

So, these are my top ten trends for 2015, which I think will affect digital and social marketing over the coming year. If you feel I’ve missed any key trends, then please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


Happy New Year!

Jan 8, 2015

Great Article Zoe - Agree with the personalisation of not only the brand but Social Media for the Employer. The stronger the personalisation is of your messages and the more employees channeling their achievements through digital channels the better!

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