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Cloud Security, Reality or Myth?

by Juniper Employee ‎06-20-2014 02:16 AM - edited ‎06-20-2014 05:02 AM

A recently commissioned Strategic Report by IT Pro in association with Juniper Networks has bought to light some interesting debate about the Cloud.


As mega trends such as Consumerization of IT and Bring Your Own Device fuel the demand for cloud services, we see an increasing number of enterprise customers for whom the ‘center of gravity’ of the service – the point that is equidistant to all applications and service hosts, is beginning to fall outside of the enterprise network.


Bringing Data Center Security out of the Shadows

by Juniper Employee ‎08-08-2012 03:48 AM - edited ‎08-08-2012 06:03 AM

Traditional data center networks cast shadows in which security appliances must operate. Modern data centers don't just need new architectures to increase performance, they need them to increase the ability to apply and manage security services.



Ok, that’s a very flippant title I grant you, but it came to me after reading some research from Freeform Dynamics1 about the perceptions of cloud security and the impact on an enteprises’ security posture as a result of the adoption of a cloud based IT service model.


The Disruptive Potential of BYOD

by Juniper Employee on ‎01-09-2012 11:22 AM

A slightly schizophrenic start to this blog but before I go on to explain my reasoning behind the title, I wanted to make clear that in my view the Consumerisation of IT and in particular the phenomenon of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) will both have a positive impact on businesses and IT departments if proactively embraced.   Those benefits will accrue from progressive HR policies that recognise the growing importance of social media tools both in productivity terms (yes, social media tools can and will have a positive impact on employee productivity) combined with attracting and keeping the next generation of top talent from the so called ‘Generation Y’  genre.


 Security is oft touted as the number one inhibitor to cloud adoption, but is there grounding for this in technology terms?


The answer lies within us, not the technology...


The G-Cloud is a fantastic opportunity to drive down cost and radically change how UK citizen's experience public services The technology exists and there are plenty of examples in private enterprise from which government can learn. But, it takes more than just getting the technology right. Neil Pound argues coordination, cooperation, thinking ahead, and leadership have an equally important part to play.


Clean Clouds: looking beyond the data centre

by Juniper Employee ‎10-27-2011 04:24 AM - edited ‎11-07-2011 08:24 AM

The consumerisation of IT has led to the proliferation of smart devices and the advent of cloud services fuels this proliferation by enabling applications to run in a dynamic and elastic fashion; independent of the storage and processing power of the end device.


The ‘prosumer1’– a social/business individual - now expects to access both personal and business applications with equal ease and from the same, often privately owned, device. The so-called ‘Bring Your Own Device6 (BOYD) conundrum’.


This combination of increased mobility of the user, non-managed devices and the virtualised/multi-tenant data centre, leads to a number of security challenges not previously experienced by the enterprise or service provider.


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