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Disruptive Forces, Digital Transformation

Disruptive Forces, Digital Transformation

In conjunction with the Big Innovation Centre, Juniper Networks brings together a panel of senior business leaders chaired by Will Hutton for the next Disruptive Forces session.


The aim of this session will be to discuss, debate and explore the opportunities and challenges being faced as a result of digital transformation. To explore the disruption this is causing to business process, skills, commercial models & user experience, as organisations look to differentiate and innovate in pace with consumer demands.


This Disruptive Forces session will kick off with a provocation by Gerard Allison, senior vice president for EMEA at Juniper Networks, on how today’s CEO, CTO, CIO – in fact all and every boardroom role and beyond – should be thinking about the digital transformation of their business. It will consider what is possible today, tomorrow and beyond in terms of innovative thinking, planning and implementation. Gerard will propose that bringing together disparate elements of a business via intelligent technical infrastructure and innovative thinking to create a stronger unit can be done!


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