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If I said that big projects have a lifecycle, I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised. It is pretty obvious that there are various phases to a big project: regardless of the terms you use, “getting ready” is certainly a different phase from “making it happen” which is different yet again from “using it”. Here at Juniper we use the terms “Plan,” “Build,” and “Operate” for the main phases. I have put together a short video that uses the Hubble Space Telescope as an example of the importance of each of those phases. Juniper Networks can provide you with Professional Services and support consultants to assist you in the planning, building, and operation of your project. 


The Zero-Down Time DC Migration. You Can Do It, Too

by Juniper Employee ‎01-15-2015 03:04 AM - edited ‎01-15-2015 03:06 AM

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you. Let’s say you run a hosting company. And naturally you want to grow. Fast. More customers, more connections, more cloud. You want to differentiate yourself by offering the greatest possible flexibility and security, whilst guaranteeing data privacy for your customers. This was not a hypothetical situation for SW Hosting. This dynamic young company based in Spain was poised to grow. After analyzing the market they knew that a Juniper Networks MetaFabric Architecture was what they needed from a technical standpoint, but there were still SWHosting logo.pnglots of questions about how to actually go about doing it. So they turned to Juniper Networks Professional Services to provide the skills and resources to work with their own engineers towards a single goal: the success of the project.


Chaos is often the friend of store owners - it generates hype, a frenzy, free publicity, all of which can lead to more sales. And what's more, their customers are often willing to put up with this inconvenience if they percieve they get a better deal. But that doesn't translate to networks. Customers want assured access and reliable services whilst service providers want to manage demand in an orderly way. In this blog I contrast the chaos of Black Friday with the order desired by network providers and look at an approach to adopting virtualisation as a means of restoring order.  


There are awards, and then there are AWARDS. Juniper Networks just won the Technology Services Industry Association's 2014 Star Award for "Innovation in Enabling Customer Success - Support Services." If you have any responsibility for operating your network, this should be a big deal for you. Because it underscores why you can - and should - trust your network to Juniper Networks.


After a few sluggish post-recession years, online sales continue to dominate and drive the U.K. retail sector and consequently, consumers expect a smooth omni-channel experience. This is especially true ahead of Black Friday and the busy holiday period, when consumers will search online for the best deals and then come in store to purchase big ticket items. In order to the make the most of modern technologies and the festive period, retailers need to ensure their technology strategies are in order by utilising modern cloud technologies and aligning digital and physical strategies.


Recent U.K. research, commissioned by Juniper Networks, asked 100 business decision-makers in the retail industry with more than 250 employees how they are currently using technology in their business, where they plan to in the future and any barriers to entry they see.


Using Your Gut to Find a Fix

by Juniper Employee on ‎11-28-2014 02:48 AM

Have you heard of the Human Microbiome? It is the hundreds of species of microbes that live in our bodies and play an important role in our health. Figuring out what is in your microbiome or mine is a major Big Data challenge, not unlike what Juniper engineers do when trying to find out what has gone wrong with one of our products. It takes a lot more than just a gut feeling . . .


The great American writer Mark Twain said Mark Twain.jpg“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Although this is still pretty much true (geoengineering and climate modification notwithstanding), a lot of effort does go into predicting the weather. It turns out that some of the same techniques are used by Juniper Networks to find, fix, and even forecast problems in our products.


I took my car to the shop the other day. Nothing major, fortunately. It was a neighborhood garage that I had been to before.Old Garage.JPG (OK, not this one, but I like the picture). However, it got me thinking that in some ways purchasing and servicing your car is not that much different than purchasing and servicing your network. In both cases, it matters a lot who you call on. . .


Doctor, My Network Hurts!

by Juniper Employee on ‎07-11-2014 07:41 AM

Keeping your network up and running is not unlike keeping your body up and running: you need to take steps to fix things when they go wrong, but you also need to make sure you are doing what is necessary to help you avoid them going wrong in the first place, or to get even healthier.




Fire, Ready, Aim

by Juniper Employee on ‎06-12-2014 10:34 PM

I was recently stood in a queue at a local pharmacy when I heard the wonderful duet of tone dialing and V.23 modems equalizing.  An extreme example maybe but it was a timely reminder that in any technological disruption, change never happens in a neat saw-tooth manner, some groups and companies will make the change early, and some will take a little longer.


In some cases, new technology adoption is not forefront in organizational minds, in others it’s a question of mitigating the risk of change.


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