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An Intro to RSVP-SPRING Coexistence

by Juniper Employee ‎05-11-2017 03:33 PM - edited ‎05-12-2017 04:18 PM

There's been considerable industry interest surrounding SPRING, also known as Segment-Routing.  Many operators are incorporating SPRING technology into their networks currently running RSVP-TE.  In some cases, the objective is to migrate all services to utilize SPRING-based LSPs.  In other cases, there may be a need to manage some application traffic over RSVP-TE LSPs in conjunction with applications using SPRING-based LSPs.  In either case, there is a need to manage traffic and capacity across both the RSVP-TE and SPRING domains.  While there are a range of options for managing through this period of network transition, all carry varying tradeoffs.  An overview of these options is captured within this IETF draft.


Juniper Networks Live Demo's at MPLS & SDN World Congress

by Juniper Employee ‎03-16-2015 03:04 AM - edited ‎03-16-2015 03:10 AM

The time of SDN/NFV hype is past. Sure, you will still come across exaggerated claims that the cure to all your networking challenges is just a click away but the nature of the conversation has fundamentally changed. It's now grounded in fact; no longer does it reside in that other virtual world - namely PowerPoint. It's now a regular occurrence to hear of a service provider publishing news of a virtualisation strategy or an agreement to embark on a trial.


MPLS SDN World Congress and the Juniper Experience

by Juniper Employee ‎03-13-2014 06:38 AM - edited ‎03-14-2014 01:13 PM

If you are travelling to MPLS SDN World Congress in Paris here are some great reasons to meet with the onsite Juniper team.


SDN as a Control Plane for Seamless MPLS

by Juniper Employee ‎03-12-2013 11:16 AM - edited ‎03-12-2013 12:57 PM

Here are two technologies that show a lot of promise, with not a little hype thrown in.  SDN promises, among other things, agility and automation.  Seamless MPLS, once you get past the deep technical stuff (important, to know this is implementable and deployable) promises, among other things, rapid service delivery, service chaining and service flexibility.  Can these marry to form a real, useful solution?  I believe so, and the goal of this presentation <link> is to convince you of this as well.



Time for innovation in MPLS, IPv6 and SDN?

by Juniper Employee ‎03-12-2013 01:09 AM - edited ‎03-12-2013 04:38 PM

Looking at the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress agenda, I’m still amazed how after 15th years our industry can still innovate in this area. Well, the (L)abel (S)witching basis of MPLS remain the same but the (M)ulti(P)rotocol piece is, after 15 years, it is much more important now, than ever before. It’s not just IPv4 or IPv6 over MPLS. In fact is not even IP or packets, but also circuits over MPLS. It is also fascinating how over the 15 years MPLS has been here to solve different problems: ATM transport, IP VPNs, Carrier Ethernet, Multicast, Data Center and Cloud connectivity, mobile networks... and now MPLS is getting ready for SDN.


Mass Customisation: From Cars to Telecommunications

by Juniper Employee ‎12-13-2012 09:11 AM - edited ‎12-14-2012 01:26 AM

When the automotive industry found out, in the middle of the 60s, that most of their customers weren't particularly happy to drive the exact same vehicle as everyone else, this started a revolutionary change. Luxury cars had this problem solved with their traditional approach of almost hand-made models, but of course not everyone could afford that. The conventional manufacturers adopted a new concept: mass customisation.


I’m glad to write about the IIR Carrier Ethernet awards reception I attended yesterday in Barcelona along with Penny Still representing Juniper Networks. It was a pleasant evening with many of our industry peers. 


Invitation to join Juniper Networks’ MPLS User Forum on 6 February 2012

by Juniper Employee ‎01-25-2012 07:49 AM - edited ‎02-03-2012 12:40 AM

On 6 February2012 in Paris, and prior to the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2012, Juniper Networks will be hosting once more the MPLS User Forum. It’s already a tradition for many of our customers and if you haven’t attended previously, in these lines I would like to encourage you to join us if you have the opportunity, even if you’re not attending the MPLS World Congress.


The New Network Technical Forum 2011 in Barcelona is almost upon us (25/26th October).


As the lead marketer at an event that targets the technical leaders from our key EMEA customers and partners, I feel like the guy that was invited to a fancy dress party only to turn up and find everyone soberly dressed whilst I am left looking for the safety pins to hold my toga together.....


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