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The European Cloud provider Cloudwatt recently announced a live production implementation of Software Defined Networking (SDN) using OpenContrail to support its public cloud service.


Cloudwatt has an Opensource approach; its cloud orchestration platform is based on Openstack. Using OpenContrail as its SDN controller, it has integrated network automation into its cloud orchestration system.


While it is exciting to see SDN transition from hype to deployment, it’s good to stop and consider if this is just another approach to an old problem or if it is solving a new problem which will bring business value to Cloudwatt. While our industry thrives on technology innovation, it can also be ruthless. Investment is unlikely unless there is business value. Everett Rogers developed his theories around the diffusion of innovation and the resulting Innovation adoption curve. This identifies the various stages of innovation introduction, initially starting with the innovators who are prepared to take a level of risk to gain a competitive advantage, eventually moving to majority market adoption and finally followed by the laggards. Many technologies fail to reach the innovators phase. Rogers used the work of Bryce Ryan and Neil Gross while developing his theories. Ryan and Gross concluded that there are five major stages in the adoption process; awareness, Interest, evaluation, trial and adoption. Many technologies fail to make the transition from trial to adoption, making announcements such as the Cloudwatt deployment important to the future of SDN. 


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