Information Experience (iX)
Information Experience (iX)
One-Stop Documentation Shop for Junos OS Releases

To enable you, our customers and partners, to find the right information quickly, we’ve consolidated our release-specific Junos OS documents into a unified single source.


What Does This Mean?

By consolidating content across releases…


  • We will deliver to you the most relevant and current feature information in one place.
  • You will be directed to more accurate information that you can use to build a stronger network.
  • Your time spent navigating through documentation will be greatly reduced by streamlined search results.
  • You can have greater confidence that the documentation you are reading is top quality.

What Does This Look Like?BeforeAfter.png


Essentially, we have been publishing a new version of the same content for each Junos release, causing you to look across multiple sources for the right information. After the consolidation, behavioral changes across releases will be described in a single document, freeing up the time you would have otherwise spent searching through multiple documents.


How Will I Find Feature Information Specific To My Junos Release?


  • Release-specific Junos OS release notes
  • Feature Explorer
  • New Release History Tables in documentation

Junos OS release notes will continue to be available for all releases and maintenance releases. We consolidated the Junos OS release notes in one location for easy reference on the Junos OS page in the TechLibrary. The Junos OS release notes include a summary of new features with links to the complete documentation set.


A great resource for identifying feature support by platform and by release is Feature Explorer within the Pathfinder tool. When using Feature Explorer you can search by software release or product and you can compare multiple products and software releases.


Junos OS documentation now contains a new Release History Table (see images below), highlighting feature behavioral changes across releases. In addition, for configuration statements and operational commands, the release information continues to be available in the Junos OS documentation.


Example from BGP Feature Guide:



Example from High Availability Feature Guide for Routing Devices:



We will continue to provide our Portable Libraries designed to provide offline access to Juniper Networks technical documentation, collected in one ZIP file.


How Is Search Improved?

We removed redundant release-specific documentation so that when you search for a document, you will now see only one result— leading you directly to the right content, enabling you to spend less time searching, and displaying our most recent documentation enhancements.




What Does The New Junos OS Page Look Like?

The new Junos OS page includes all release notes and links to platform-specific Junos OS documentation. The platform-specific Junos OS documentation pages include a list of all the release notes and feature documentation associated with that specific product. For example, clicking on the MX Series link takes you to the Junos OS for MX Series  page.


Note:  Because this change required many pages to be republished, we recommend you clear your browser cache.  Otherwise, if you see a page that does not appear to be correct, refresh your browser to update the page. 






What Else Has Changed?

The old links to the removed documentation have been be redirected to the new consolidated documentation; therefore, if you have saved bookmarks, you will automatically be taken to the correct page.


There is an updated Documentation Help page and new FAQ (What’s Changed in Junos OS Documentation) to help you understand the new consolidated documentation.


Your Experience Matters.

We look forward to hearing your feedback! Please use the “Rate and Give Feedback” stars at the top of any documentation page, or if you’d like to offer more in-depth feedback and start a discussion, please email


Thanks for making it much more simple to locate s/w for devices. Love it.