Information Experience (iX)
Information Experience (iX)
Turn the Page: A Redesigned Product Experience on

If you’ve selected new equipment for your network, you know that while it’s an exciting assignment, the journey at times can be overwhelming. There’s a veritable mountain of data to be noted and compared, from measurements, capacity, and densities, to myriad software capabilities, standards, compliance, and other factors.


At Juniper, we’d like to make your journey a little smoother. Over the past year, our Digital Experience team worked face-to-face with customers like you to learn what we could be doing better, and set out to build more than a website. Our mission for the Juniper product pages: make them as useful as the products they represent.


What were the overarching themes in those conversations? “Make the experience richer and more engaging for us,” you told us. “Provide more relevant information—and deliver it in new ways.”


So we did! Our redesigned product pages now display more media-rich content, including case studies, product demos, and a variety of other types of content. We improved the ways that our pages curate content for you, so that you can quickly view and peruse the material that’s most relevant to you. We also integrated related technology, industry solutions, and links to other content such as the expanded Design and Architecture center, our TechLibrary, and insights into top industry trends.


Today we launched our newly redesigned product pages, including routing, switching, and security, on our global site. Take a look—and let us know what you think. We encourage you to leave a comment on this page, or use our feedback form. Also, let us know if you’d like to be a part of our sneak previews and testing.


Stay tuned for more redesigned areas of over the course of 2017!


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