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Intrusion Prevention

HA staus is not enabled

01.12.12   |  
‎01-12-2012 04:05 AM

Just by connecting HA port - E1 on IDP800, my IDPs will work in HA? 

In ACM , "reconfigure HA" option is not coming. What could be problem.?


Is it depend on Version also.? I have 5.0.1



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Re: HA staus is not enabled

01.12.12   |  
‎01-12-2012 08:35 AM

Hello Sunil,


IDP OS 5.0 does not support HA. IDP OS 5.1 does support HA. Please take a look at the documentation for the IDP Series HA feature to understand the requirements and limitations and see examples on how to implement HA.


We encourage you to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions so that we can improve the documentation. You can send your comments to, or fill out the documentation feedback form.


Thank you.

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