Junos Automation (Scripting)
Junos Automation (Scripting)

Introducing the TechWiki

‎02-20-2014 09:59 AM

Announcing the Juniper Networks TechWiki - https://techwiki.juniper.net


The TechWiki mission is to provide a centralized set of customer-facing materials about operational scripts and automation. We source material from J-Net forums, internal sources, and external sites. After you log in with your J-Net credentials, you may leave comments on and rate the quality of pages. The site will grow as we locate more material and consolidate it for your automation success!


We hope you will explore our resources and training links and will let us know in the comments if there are topics we should add.


Robert Tharp
TechWiki Community Manager

Junos Automation (Scripting)

Re: Introducing the TechWiki

‎02-20-2014 01:52 PM

Hi Robert


Very happy to see this undertaking; actually I was thinking that something like

that is lacking for some time already. Will check this out.


Also I see that documentation is also wikified, but for Contrail only. Can you tell if

there are plans to add more topics (such as Junos itself)?

Best Regards,

Juniper Ambassador, Juniper Networks Certified Instructor,
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Junos Automation (Scripting)

Re: Introducing the TechWiki

‎02-20-2014 02:14 PM

Hi Petr,


Glad you like our project. We support Contrail as an agile documentation product on the site. Further documentation types will be on a case-by-case basis. Candidates will be new projects, not conversions of existing product documentation.


That said, we are planning to add more on the Automation front. We encourage feedback and suggestions for material we may want to provide links to.





Junos Automation (Scripting)

Re: Introducing the TechWiki

‎11-19-2018 04:34 AM
Dear Robert Tharp, I have submitted an article last week. It is now a draft. How do I know whether it's been accepted or not? How much time does it usually take for a submitted article to get published? Regards, Salah Buraiky