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Changing Default Configuration view from XML to CLI

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‎01-05-2015 08:14 AM


  Kindly advice as i use JS-13.1R1.6, When i check active configuration it appeared in XML formate where when checking other JS-13.3 it appeared in CLI formate.

Is there any way to make it appear as CLI formate in JS-13.1R1.6


Note : i can't modify configuration view default setting as figure below.



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Re: Changing Default Configuration view from XML to CLI

‎01-05-2015 12:13 PM
The CLI formatted view was a feature that was introduced in 13.3 and isn't available in 13.1

It might be possible to implement a similar feature using a slax script, but without giving it a try first I can't be 100% sure that the functionality would be mirrored completely, it would also require a bit of advanced scripting to handle multiple selected objects across multiple selected devices. Probably better to upgrade to 13.3 and take advantage of the improvements there, or better yet go for 14.1