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Junos Space Developer

Configuring Junos Space Remote Authentication with Microsoft NPS

‎10-06-2015 03:29 PM



I'm trying to integrate Junos Space with Remote Authentication and remote-profiles with a Microsoft 2012r2 NPS server.  We are able to authenticate but we can't get the 2012r2 NPS server to pass the remote profile attribute.


The Connection Request Policy is simple, with just the two client IPs.

Network Policy has the following:

  • Auth Method:  ms-chap v2]
  • Grant full network access
  • Vendor-Specific-Attributes
  1. vendor code 2636
  2. attribute 11 as a string with the name of the remote-profile (specified in Junos Space). I found this in a guide specifying the attribute for FreeRadius and SBR.


The error i get is:

Authorization information not received from auth server (IP of the NPS Server)


Does anyone have experience with utilizing Junos Space a Microsoft NPS Server?


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