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Junos Space Network Mgr - OID for FPC Utilization is incorrect?

‎08-25-2015 03:38 PM




Im fairly new to Space, but have successfully added few SRX'es into it via SNMP, updated the DMI schema's etc.  However when i look at the Performance reports, the OID values dont seem to be 100% correct.  Some are fine, like temperature, but i have an issue with FPC Utilization values.


For example if i go to


network monitoring --> reports --> resorce graphs   (Node Level Performance Data)


Look at CPU Utilization FPC0 (Juniper) graph, its always 0 (zero)


This should show the FPC Utilization relating to PFE (which is OID , however the OID in Junos Space is which always returns a value of 0 (no data)


Am i doing something wrong?  Can this be manually adjusted to the correct OID?



see below on the SRX with the correct OID which accurately correlates to the JUNOS command following
root@fw1-lab# run show snmp mib get    
jnxJsSPUMonitoringCPUUsage.0 = 12

root@fw1-lab# run show security monitoring fpc 0 | match CPU                
    CPU utilization      :   12 %
    CPU utilization      :    0 %

Junos Space Developer

Re: Junos Space Network Mgr - OID for FPC Utilization is incorrect?

‎12-10-2017 05:00 AM

 I have sort of the same issue. I have digged abit into opennms and it seems that i need to change so it polls the correct oid.

Has anyone solved this?