Junos Space Developer
Junos Space Developer

Junos Space Topology with Map

‎09-08-2015 08:21 PM

Hi Experts,


I need help with several questions about Junos Space Topology.


First, I found my Junos Space focus in particular device when showing device topology. How can I change it so, by default, it show all device topology instead focus on one. This condition, makes me have to type all device I want to check its topology.


Secondly, my client wants to see topology of devices point out to an actual map. He kind a want to see each of his device location on a map using Junos Space Topology. Is that even possible? AFAIK, I don't see that capability in Junos Space Network Monitoring user manual. But if there is any way, even using SDK, I'd be thankful. 


Sorry to bother you guys with a long post.


Have a nice day.