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Junos Space Developer

Junos Space is god damned awful!

‎11-09-2016 04:50 AM

Junos Space is terrible software. 


  • Disguisting UI considerations
  • Buggy UI
  • Everything takes an absolute age to do. 
  • Intermittant and incosistent UI elements such as search boxes, buttons that are grayed out for no reason
  • Intermittant job failures with no description
  • Excessively high CPU usage
  • Bad reporting elements
  • Bad scripting elements
  • Terrible documentation
  • God awful API

I don't have time to write something better but you can rest assured that any half-assed attempt at re-writing this shoddy software would be better than the current product. 


Pull yourself together and STOP OUTSOURCING DEVELOPMENT. 


Junos Space Developer

Re: Junos Space is god damned awful!

‎11-11-2016 12:17 AM

I was hoping this not to be the case, but I'm inclined to agree with you.

I spent a few hours adding some configuration to a device by CLI trying desperately to see those changes show up in space. It seems like this went wrong when they tried to go with a modern web based approach instead of developing their own standalone application like NSM. 


Looking at the software it feels like a half-completed abandoned project. Does not feel like anything I could ever endorse being used in a production setting.

Junos Space Developer

Re: Junos Space is god damned awful!

‎11-28-2016 04:09 PM

we use it to push code and such but pushing configs is not easy the best thing i found is HPNA for pushing configs to juniper devices you can use set/delete commands and go line buy line and it wors perfect 

Junos Space Developer

Re: Junos Space is god damned awful!

‎08-07-2019 01:08 PM

Wow, 3 years on and nothing has changed.


Junos Space + Security Director + Log Collector are all still absolute garbage.


Slow, painful to use, FULL TO THE BRIM with bugs, spelling mistakes, bad english, missing images, javascript errors, backend errors, stacktraces as big as the **bleep**ing galaxy..


It's incredible you managed to get this software off QA, oh wait, you clearly don't have a QA environment.


Junos Space Developer

Re: Junos Space is god damned awful!

‎08-07-2019 01:12 PM

Let's just take a moment to observe the _DEMO CONFIGURATION_ used for 'securing' elastic search using search guard shall we?


It literally says "Demo" in there, not to mention leaving default passwords all over the configuration.


Come on guys.

As a security focussed product, this is embaressing.