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Junos Space Developer

Sky ATP API access keys

‎09-30-2019 12:21 PM

I want to pull downloaded file information from the Sky ATP portal. It appears Security Director does an API call to SKY ATP to pull the downloaded file scores and information into Security Director. It looks like there are two types of access tokens SKY ATP uses, a Security Director, and a Open API access token. Each token has different permissions to access various features of SKY ATP. The Security Director access token has the required permissions I need to pull file infomation. 


The problem I have is when I go into the SKY ATP portal to create the access token, I cannot select what type of token to create. There are no check boxes to select to create a Security Director or an Open API token even though some documentation suggests there is. It just defaults to the Open API token which doesn't have the right permissions.


I have managed to reverse engineer creating the SD token to make sure that was the issue but it is not a final solution.

Is there any way to create an API token with Security dirctor permission level so I can pull HTTP file download statistics?

I have attached a screenshot of what Im talking about and its under the Allowed APIs column which i need to create a Security Diector level tokenSky ATP create token.pngskyatp token 1.png