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Junos Space Developer

What are the restrictions on Junos Space user passwords in 15.2? 16.1?

‎01-25-2017 04:19 AM
Has anyone else run into problems with the 15.2 to 16.1 upgrade, other than me? I've had two go just fine until the steps where I load the saved configuration back into the system. Before shutting down the 15.2 VM, I backed up the data to another Linux host, and after installing 16.1, failed to load the backup data because my passwords (both of them, and they're different) broke the script (and locked my account) Both Junos Space and the Linux system I used use Microsoft AD (Space via RADIUS, Linux via winbind.) In both cases, I had to wait 30 minutes (until my account unlocked) and then log into Windows and change my password to something simple (like abcABC1- ), after which I was able to rerun the setup script and load the backup. If it had blown up on the backup instead of working there and failing on the restore, I'd have been happier (but not much) and also if the script only made a single login attempt before failing, I'd have been happier instead of it repeating until the AD locked my account.
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