9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and courseware

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‎09-14-2009 02:11 PM

9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Certification team members Bill Ahlstrom, Kevin Freitas and Jan LaTourette on new JUNOS-based certifications and courseware 


Please join us Tuesday, September 22 at 11am Pacific, for a live chat with members of our Training and Certification team. We'll take your questions and discuss changes to our technical certification program, including new JUNOS-based Enterprise certifications and courseware. One of those new certifications is the JNCIS-SEC, a new security focused certification sure to be popular with SRX users. 


In case you're wondering, yes, we will give away 3 JUNOS book packs after this event so that's an added incentive to attend. What's in a book back? A JUNOS Enterprise Routing book and a JUNOS Enterprise Switching book. 


This is the second in a series of three live chats, all focused on JUNOS. If you attend all three, you could be eligible for more prizes including an Asus Netbook and an iPod Touch.  Make sure you are registered for J-Net, as you'll need that to be eligible to win. 


About the Presenters: 


Bill Ahlstrom is Technical Certification Developer and Practical Exam Proctor for the Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program and has worked in this capacity for 1 year. Before joining Juniper he spent 2 years as a contract technical instructor teaching on the M&T product platforms as well as enterprise routing courses for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Business. Prior to his role as an instructor he worked for nearly 2.5 years at the Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) managing M&T routing cases. He also worked for 1 year in a support capacity for MSN (The Microsoft Network). Bill is scheduled to complete his BS in Computer Science at Steven's Henager College of Ogden Utah this year. His certifications include JNCIE-M #343, JNCIE-ER #37, JNCIA-EX, Juniper Certified Instructor and Comptia Security +. Bill was a BSA Eagle Scout at age 13! 


Kevin Freitas is currently the Program Manager for the global Technical Certification Program at Juniper.  Prior to his current role, he was the user interface designer for the Customer Support Center.  He’s been with Juniper for 7 years, and prior to joining the company, Kevin was finishing up his MIS degree from the University of Vermont.  Kevin is an avid Red Sox fan and typically responds to any question with “Go Sox!”. 


Jan LaTourette is a Senior Marketing Manager for Juniper Networks Customer Services and has been in this role for the past three years. Prior to joining Juniper, LaTourette was a Senior Marketing Manager at Verizon Business, Director Product Marketing at Telcordia (formerly Granite Systems), held various Product Marketing, Sales Development and Curriculum Development positions at Nortel, Wellfleet and Bay Networks, and began her career in product marketing and sales support at Wang Laboratories.  She holds a BSBA concentration in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Jan loves to mountain bike and can almost keep up with her 13 year-old. 


How To Attend: 


1. Make sure you are a registered J-Net member. You will not be able to participate in the chat event nor participate in the contest if you are not registered. To register for a J-Net account, simply click on the "register" link on the upper left hand side of the screen, follow the registration steps to receive a J-Net login. After you have received a confirmation email from Juniper Networks, make sure you come back to J-Net and sign in to create your J-Net username.  


2. The JUNOS Live Chat URL will be posted on this thread on 9/22/09. It will also be available on J-Net's home page under the "Network Operating System" category. Simply sign in to J-Net (by clicking on the "sign in" link on the upper left hand of the screen) and join the live chat.  


Please feel free to submit your chat questions ahead of time by sending an email to j-net@juniper.net or by replying to this thread. The chat transcript will be available to J-Net members after the event for those who are unable to attend.   


Details on Promotional Give Away:


We're having a JUNOS Live Chat series on J-Net and to thank you for attending, we are giving away some prizes. We'll have three live chats and at each of them, we'll give away three JUNOS book packs consisting of one JUNOS Enterprise Routing and one JUNOS Enterprise Switching book.  In addition, for those attending all three events, we'll include you in a drawing for one Asus EEE PC Netbook computer and one 16GB iPod Touch.  


Here's what you need to do to enter the drawing for all of the prizes described above:

1.        If you haven't joined J-Net, register for a free account.

2.        To be eligible for the JUNOS book packs, by 5pm Pacific time the day of the live chat, email the following information to j-net@juniper.net


  • Your J-Net username
  • Your full name and mailing address.
  • The answer to the question we ask during the live chat.



3.        To be eligible for the Asus Netbook and iPod Touch prizes, please email the following information to j-net@juniper.net by 5pm Pacific time on October 6, 2009:


  • Your J-Net username
  • Your full name and mailing address.
  • The answer to all three live chat questions in this series


That's it! So jump in, add your voice, share your knowledge, and have some fun.   


* Prizes include one Asus EEE PC, one 16GB iPod Touch media players, nine JUNOS book packs consisting of one JUNOS Enterprise Routing and one JUNOS Enterprise Switching book. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to be eligible to win the prize(s). Void where prohibited by law. Winner(s) will be selected via random drawing. Promotion ends at midnight PST on October 6, 2009. Limit one entry per person. To be entered into the prize drawing, you must have a valid J-Net account. Winners will be notified by October 15, 2009. Netbook/iPod models are subject to availability and may differ from photos shown in advertising materials.


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Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-17-2009 11:50 PM

Hi Jeff,


It good to have someone from juniper for answering our curiosity abt juniper certs. 


I have done my jncia-fw & preparing for jncis-fw. I would like to know in the near future i think the screenos certs will expire so people should right away move to srx certs on junos. 


Is there a JNCIE-SEC cert in the pipeline like ccie security. Has juniper anything planned in that direction. We can start preparing ourselves on junos rather than spending time & money on screenos certs. 


Can you please let us know. It would be great to know for a JNCIE cert on Security. 






Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-18-2009 07:56 AM

Thanks for the coment Sushil.  I'll submit this to the presenters as a pre event question as I honestly don't know all of the future plans for -SEC cert levels. I do know that the JNCIS-SEC is a first step given all of the curiosity from ScreenOS users toward JUNOS.




Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-18-2009 08:13 AM

Hi Jeff,


Thanks a lot for forwarding my query to the presenters. I know the question i asked abt JNCIE-SEC is too early to get a answer for it. But the only reason i asked it was there was a JNCIE-Firewall cert in BETA which was only available to Juniper Employees and some of them cleared it too but then the exam was scraped because of new junos Firewall. So i am curious to know there would a JNCIE-SEC as well in roadmap. 


Thanks & Regards


Sushil Menon


Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-21-2009 08:35 AM

No problem at all Sushil. I'm hoping the presenters can answer tomorrow but, if not, stay in touch with me and I'll work to get an answer for you.



Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-21-2009 08:50 AM

If I'm not mistaken the juniper certification path expects you to have previous networking experience or certification which it builds on, are there plans for introducing a foundation certification which covers the fundamentals of networking so one doesn't have to start off with the CCENT/CCNA/A+ before moving onto the Juniper certification???


Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-21-2009 03:23 PM

We’ve found that the overwhelming majority of people who earn Juniper certifications come to us with some networking/security background and many already have other technical certifications. So our program, including Fast Track, has been built with that in mind.


As time has gone on, we’ve seen more of a need for networking fundamentals type information in our program and we developed a computer based training module focused on networking fundamentals. I'm checking with our training people to see if they'd like to add anything and I'll look for the URL of that training module as well.


 With that said, we don’t have a foundation certification at this time.



Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-21-2009 06:09 PM

Hi Jeff,

I am interested in the new exams - JN0-100 and JN0-331.


I need to know what version of Junos is used in each exam please ?




Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-22-2009 09:57 AM
[9/22/09 Update]  The chat URL is http://forums.juniper.net/jnet/chat?chat.id=junoschat. Chat will open at 11AM PT on 9/22/2009.

Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-22-2009 12:12 PM

Hi Pete. This same question came up today on the JUNOS live chat and here's the answer.


For the written exams there isn't a specific version of Junos associated with them. The things our written exams test on aren't typically subject to change throughout versions.




Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

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Here's the transcript of today's chat event


Transcript for Chat: 'JUNOS Live Chat', Tue Sep 22


ac: Welcome to the JUNOS live chat, we will get started in 5 minutes
ac: Please make sure you are signed into J-Net if you would like to submit a question.
jmattan: Welcome everyone. This is Jeff Mattan, JUNOSJeff on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for joining and go ahead and submit questions as you�d like.
robertotaccon: are there any changes in the "renew the certification" ?
jmattan: Here's a cert question that came in during the last JUNOS live chat: Q: chozhall1: What tips, tricks, and/or suggestions do you have for JNCIE-M prep besides the obvious read until your eyes bleed? A: Get your hands on some equipment, spend some time on the routers and setup the scenarios from the Sybex study guides. Hands on experience in invaluable.
Koushik: Hi guys.. Any update on the JNCIE-SEC course?
Mister_Bill: To Koushik The SEC track currently has 2 exams, JNCIA-JUNOS and JNCIS-SEC. We will likely add additional exams in the future.
JanLaTourette: In response to robertotoaccon's question, no there are no changes to renew your existing certifictaions - you still need to renew every two years.
MrPaul: For current CCIE folks, is there currently, or will there be a fasttrack to the JNCIE (M/MX)? Maybe something that will byapss the first 3 exams.
kfreitas: To MrPaul thanks for your question. CCIE holders will always need to follow the same process as any other professional. Currently there are no plans to offer a JNCIE level exam though the Fast Track Program. For more information about our M-series track, go to http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/mt_series_track.html
mborgen: May I ask a question?
ac: To mborgen Yes, feel free to send in your question at anytime
jmattan: A few reminders: 1) If you don�t see an answer to your question immediately, don�t worry. That just means we�re working on it and may be discussing the best way to answer. 2) Some of your questions may be outside of the scope of this live chat. If they are, we�ll tell you and may not be able to answer them.
RogerCheeks: Does Juniper have plans to extend the JNCIS-SEC certification track to include a JNCIE-SEC ?
kfreitas: To RogerCheeks We currently do not have plans for an Expert level exam for this track.
jmattan: One more reminder: 3) We�re doing this event on J-Net, our community forum. I say this as a reminder that you don�t have to wait for an event like this to ask questions as that�s what the community is for. We�re happy you�re here and hope you find J-Net useful enough that you�ll use it again, even when we�re not having an event like this.
BillsMaster: What exactly is the purpose of the rubby ducky?
jmattan: To BillsMaster Which rubby ducky?
MrPaul: Will the Sybex books be updated?
kfreitas: To MrPaul Sybex no longer publishes our books so the current version you see today is the latest. The content in the Sybex materials is a great study guide for the M-series exams.
muttbarker: There have been a lot changes to JUNOS in the last year - is there any guide to what changes are reflected in what tests? IE - JNCIE-ER - what version is used - what version will be used when? Same with written exams - stuff like NAT that gets completely re-written can impact test preperation
Mister_Bill: To muttbarker As a general rule, we test on the things which are not that subject to change. Things like protocols, policy etc. The current versions of the Junos exams are 8.1. Anytime we change versions we are careful to give plenty of advanced notice. There are no current plans to alter the cert Junos version anytime soon.
seemer: Are there any plans to include the M/T series, any level, tracks on the fast track website?
JanLaTourette: To seemer This answer's "seemer's" question: No, at this time, we are not planning on making the M/T level certifications available on the Fast Track portal.
shane: is there a place to find out what IOS version is running in the Juniper labs so that we can prep on this on our equip for the JNCIE lab
Mister_Bill: To shane we are running 8.1R3.4 on our M-series equipment.
sorahl: which is the best track to start with, as a noob to junos.
kfreitas: To sorahl New JUNOS candidate's should begin with the Intro to JUNOS Associate Track. Check out http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/junosintro_track.html which will prep you for the JNCIA-JUNOS exam - the entry-level, foundation of JUNOS cerifications.
jmattan: Welcome new arrivals! If you want to ask a question, you will need to be logged into J-Net. To do that, look above this box on the left hand side and look for the blue text to log in or register.
zrcheng: is there a plan to combin the ER and EX in the future?
JanLaTourette: To zrcheng This anwers "zrcheng's" question: No, at this time, there are not plans to combine the ER and EX certifications.
skreenerd: hello out there
mborgen: I have a J2300BASE-2T1 is this a suitable platform for JUNOS training?
Mister_Bill: To mborgen I'd say so, provided you have other equipment you can interact with. The J-series aren't going to support logical routers like the M-series do so it could be hard to simulate a 7-10 network environment.
21cnetworks: Are they any plans to change the Juniper certification structure like Cisco have recently where they have introduced an Architect level cert ?
kfreitas: To 21cnetworks Currently we do not have plans to offer an Architect level cert.
Koushik: Can we retain the old logos on our cards, the new logos are kind of not that good looking. They look very basic
jmattan: To Koushik We'd prefer you use the new cert logos but naturally we can't force you to use the new ones. Smiley Happy
grim: Are there any plans to modify the re-certification to make it similiar to Cisco? In the Cisco world, any 642 or 350 level recertifies all entry/professional/specialist certifications.
Mister_Bill: To grim Passing a JNCIS recertifies a JNCIE or JNCIP in that track. Also passing a higher exam JNCIE recertifies a JNCIP. This has always been the case currently there are no plans to alter this.
Venture37: Are there any plans to offer router simulators for training purposes? The olive option may not be open to some who wants to embark on the juniper cert path without spending lots of money on h/w
jmattan: To Venture37 We offer some discounted training labs through our training partners in our Fast Track program, and we do have virtual labs right now for our reseller partners. As a Juniper employee, I can't confirm or deny the existence of Olives. Smiley Happy So, to answer your question, there isn't a plan right now to offer simulators. Safe to assume you're in Fast Track and have access to all of the free training materials and lab guides?
robertotaccon: just a question about the "security" certification: there's a FIREWALL/VPN Track and now a JUNOS SECURITY CERTIFICATION TRACK: WHY THESE CERTICATION are not on the same track : MAYBE A SECURITY certification ?
JanLaTourette: To robertotaccon This answers "robertotaccon's" question: The JUNOS Security Track is specifically for our new SRX systems, hence, we created it's own track.
shadow: If you are not planning any JNCIE-SEC currently, is there any plans to allow JNCIS-SEC holders to have quicker access to level 2 and above support. For those who are enterprise customers and not resellers.
kfreitas: To shadow Unfortunately no, only our Expert level certification holders for those given tracks will have level 2 access.
BillsMaster: Are there future plans to offer a virtual environment that candidates can access to practice for exams? For instance, does Juniper, or will Juniper offer a virtual lab that will allow someone to prepare for the JNCIE-ER?
kfreitas: To BillsMaster please see jmattan's reply to Venture37's question. Thanks
Tinucherian: Are there any JUNOS simulation software available for people who cannot afford to try on real equipments ?
kfreitas: To Tinucherian please see jmattan's reply to Venture37's question. Thanks
David_Klein: Are the ScreenOS based certifications going to be retired soon?
Mister_Bill: To David_Klein The netscreen certs are not going away. :-)
Joris: I'm preparing for JNCIS-ES ... today I saw it was replaced by JNCIS-SEC... Can I still use the OESJ book for the JNCIS-SEC exam?
kfreitas: To Joris Joris, the JNCIS-ES (JN0-330) exam is still offered at Prometric Testing Centers through November 1st. For that exam, yes, study the OESJ material.
shane: are there any published reference book for sample configs for the JNCIE tests that would be useful for studying ?
JanLaTourette: To shane This answers "shane's" question: Yes, a useful link for study material is this: http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/books.html
Venture37: jeff, yes, thanks, I download the day one guides which where announced today
pepe: Once I saw Juniper Summer School announcement. Because i'm ccna, I was realy shocked. It was good idea. Since we finished summer school I'm trying to prepare for jncia-ex. Will You planother actions like summer scholl for people who are interested in Juniper certification track?
jmattan: To pepe Summer school was really well received (just like your comments) and I know our marketing teams around the world are looking at how to do more. Since summer school just ended in the last few weeks, we haven't had time to plan the new ones yet. Stay tuned for future announcements (via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, the JUNOS site, etc).
Koushik: Are there plans to release errata for the Sybex books.. there was a response that Harry was preparing his list. The current errata available needs an update
Mister_Bill: To Koushik I don't have any information on this unfortunately. Contact jmattan@juniper.net for more details.
jmattan: These questions are great! Just a reminder that you don't have to wait for a live chat to ask them as that's what the J-Net Communities are for.
sushilmenon: Hi all
21cnetworks: My main experience is with M/T Series equipment although i recently deployed 2 x MX Series devices. The configuration for switching seemed different to whats configured for EX Series switches. I would like to know what would be the best track to follow in order to be fully conversant with MX devices as they are becoming an important element in a UK 3G network i support and i would like to stufy an appropriate cert which would demonstrate my skills in MX devices. Which cert should i follow ?
kfreitas: To 21cnetworks The best track for the MX devices will be the M/T-series track. If you're already well-versed with MX and JUNOS, you should start at the JNCIS-M level.
21cnetworks: Test - are you still receiving questions
kfreitas: To 21cnetworks Yes, thanks for checking Smiley Wink
spuluka: The summer school program was great. I took the sessions on switching and loved getting the lab time especially. thanks for the opportunity. I've noticed that the links to those recorded webcasts are not secured but they aren't public either. Is it okay to share those links with friends to see the webcasts of the lectures?
jmattan: To spuluka Can you please send me the URL please? I'll take a quick look.
robertotaccon: I hold the "SECURITY" JNCIA-FWV and the JNCIS-FWV certification. Now there's the JNCIA-JUNOS and the JNCIS-SEC on different track ! It's crazy cause the Exam topics are very similar !!! PLEASE merge the tracks !!!
JanLaTourette: To robertotaccon This answers "robertotaccon's" question: The SRX is a whole new platform on the JUNOS operating system. The other Security products are on the NetScreen OS, hence, we have made the JNCIA-JUNOS a prerequisite to the JNCIS-SEC.
pepe: Is possible to compare how valuable is JNCIA to other vendor cert like CCNA? I mean Is possible to mark person who is JNCIA-ex in routing track?
kfreitas: To pepe Pepe, I think this really comes down to the company and the products they're buying in looking for Juniper or Cisco certified individuals. That's a tough question Pepe
Venture37: as a follow up to summer school how about a remake of grease with lots of juniper product placement? Smiley Wink
jmattan: To Venture37 There are many musicals in our future plans. Smiley Happy
MrPaul: Instead of emulation/simulation is using a single M/MX chassis and virtual routers sufficient to do all the protocol study for JNCIE?
Mister_Bill: To MrPaul Yes, I've seen people study with less and be quite successful. The key is, being able to configure things like COS, Multicast (auto-rp, anycast etc), VPNs and firewall filters. If you can configure these things in your environment (which you should) you won't have any problem.
Koushik: I was under the impression that if you had JNCIS-ER you needn't do the JNCIA-JUNOS
kfreitas: To Koushik You will need the JNCIA-JUNOS certificate if you plan on taking the JNCIS-SEC exam, as it's a pre-req. The JNCIA-M or JNCIA-ER will also work as pre-reqs for the JNCIS-SEC
zrcheng: its possible to enable NAT and IPsec on same interface? for example, after the traffic NATed, then go thru IPSEC?
Mister_Bill: To zrcheng Yes, the easiest way would be using a next-hop style service set. (Assuming you are using a Junos based platform) Doug Marschke's book on enterprise routing explains some of the order of opperations and the details about how you could go about configuring this. As a tip I can tell you that the JNCIE-ER would test one's knowledge of using multiple services in conjuntion with eachother.
shadow: Any plans to add simulations to the JNCIS level exams.
kfreitas: To shadow There are currently no plans for written level practice or simulation exams. The Fast Track Program does offer pre-assessment exams however that can act as a practice test as well.
jmattan: reminder that we are giving away JUNOS book packs after today's event and instructions on how to win are on the URL for this event. You'll need to look for the secret question and email it and the answer to j-net@juniper.net. Stay tuned!
Joris: suppose I pass the JNCIS-ES exam... does this allow me to do the JNCIS-SEC exam or do I first need to pass one of the JNCIA-M,ER,JUNOS exams?
Mister_Bill: To Joris Any of the JNCIAs which you listed will be acceptable prerequisites.
sushilmenon: Hi any idea why the jncis-enhanced service cert replaced with jncis-sec
JanLaTourette: To sushilmenon This answers "sushilmenon's" question: The JNCIS-ES supported security on the J-Series routers. The JNCIS-SEC now also includes our new SRX platforms. Now we have routing and security under one certificaiton.
seemer: I have some used Juniper routers for studying, is there a way for "students" to get newer versions of JUNOS? If I would like to upgrade my gear for example, or do I need a service contract?
kfreitas: To seemer You can through our Customer Support Center, with a valid login account, download newer version of JUNOS. www.juniper.net/support/csc
jmattan: Here are questions and answers that came in prior to the event or were asked in the first JUNOS live chat event and were applicable here: 2. redrover23: I attended CJNR training a few years ago and still have the books. I have revision 6.b. What version is it now? I'm trying to determine if they are still good for pursuing certs. Right now we are running 8.1 R 3.4. All of the configuration for protocols, system and policy remains the same. Several short-cuts and enhancements have been made to Junos since then which are worth knowing. So, don't throw out your 6.b books; use them to study the core content; but if you can get any hands on practice try using newer Junos to learn about things like "replace pattern", "apply path" and other enhancements made to Junos. 3. sfouant: can you tell us what might happen with the JNTCP program moving forward, especially in light of the new SRX platforms... how will the tracks be broken up, and will JNTCP create a JNCIE-SEC or something equivalent to focus on Enhanced Services in JUNOS? Our current plans include integrating switching with the enterprise routing track. Regarding the SEC track, we do plan to develop additional exams for this track which will be updated alongside new versions of our courseware. 4. sfouant: Doug and Harry, given that the structure of 'Juniper Enterprise Routing' is quite different from that in the JNCIP-M AND JNCIE-M Study Guides, can you outline what would be your best course of action for preparing for the JNCIE-ER exams using this book? The JUNOS Enterprise Routing book is a great reference and has good chapter review questions at the end of each chapter. This book should be use for understanding of why things work the way they do. However; you will need hands on practice configuring the concepts you learn in this book. The AJRE course has some great labs which I used to study for the exam. 5. kellyk7: For the exams and real life is there a reason to become proficient with J-web.. or stick with CLI Stick with studying the CLI for the lab exams. As far as real life goes; it is a matter of opinion, some people love the JWEB. You will need to know some J-WEB for the written but this is a topic of lesser coverage. 6. zrcheng: thanks, is there a ER and EX combined IE in the future? This is currently the plan and will likely happen sometime in the first half of next year. Plenty of advanced notice will be given before making any changes. 7. redrover23: Do the JNCIA (-ER) and JNCIS (-ER) have configuration simulations? Or is it all MC? The exams are all multiple choice. You may have to look at a configuration sample and indicate whether that is correct or not; but don't expect to be typing the Junos key-strokes in a Juniper Prometric exam. 8. Chema: JNCIP-M is like "building" an ISP, and JNCIE-M is about troubleshoot it. JNCIE-ER practical exam is more like "building" or "troubleshooting"? Is any documentation avaiable during exam? The ER JNCIE starts from scratch; there is no pre-loaded starting config for the candidate to troubleshoot as is the case with the JNCIE-M. There will be documentation available during the exam, it will be PDF copies of the documentation from www.juniper.net/techpubs. 9. chozhall1: If one takes and is successful at the JNCIE-ER could they then skip the JNCIP-M? No, the JNCIP-M is a prerequisite for the JNCIE-M regardless. Keep in mind that the ER and M series tracks are completely separate and that there is no JNCIP-ER. Each track tests different skills and aspects of routing. 10. Chema: about "market value". I usually see big Junipers on ISP's core networks. I haven't see any Juniper box on an enterprise environment. Are enterprise certificates a good value for the people holding them, or is more "wise" to invest time on M track? In my opinion, as of right now there is more use for the -M certs because there are more companies using our larger routers. However, the enterprise is growing rapidly, I think we could expect a shift there and that the future may make those enterprise certs even more valuable than they are now. As far as a wise investment of time, it really depends on where you want to hang your hat in the long run; working for a service provider or for a med to large enterprise.
pepe: I'd like to back for Summer School, because video sessions are part of my study materials, How long they are avaliable to watch. maybe good idea is to prepare downloadable wersion?
jmattan: To pepe I'm not sure Pepe. Can you shoot me an email at jmattan@juniper.net with that question? I will forward it to the marketing person running that program and get back to you.
a_2X4: I didn't notice that my connection was dropped. Was my question about the EX cert answered?
JanLaTourette: To a_2X4 This answers "a-2x4's" question: Yes, there are plans for advanced EX courses and certifications in the future, however, I don't have specific dates at this time. Please stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook, etc.
skreenerd: for the people who live in Europe like me, are there plans to extend courses and labs beyond UK and Netherlands ?
Mister_Bill: To skreenerd Courses are taught on-site all over euorpe by Juniper and our partners. The lab exams are still limited to a few select locations.
spuluka: Summer school lectures: http://junos.juniper.net/switching/july/ http://junos.juniper.net/routing/july/
jmattan: To spuluka Checking on this for you.
Joris: What version of JUNOS will the JNCIS-SEC exam be based on?
Mister_Bill: To Joris For the written exams there isn't a specific version of Junos associated with them. The things our written exams test on aren't typically subject to change throughout versions.
jmattan: For Spuluka's question on summer school links, you can share those URLs as you'd like. Thanks!
shadow: To clarify my previous question about simulations in the JNCIS tests. I was asking more about having simulations in the exam itself ( configuring a simulated JUNOS-based device ) instead of a purely written exam.
kfreitas: To shadow I see now what you're asking. Simulations will not exist on exams at this level. Only our lab exams will test your hands-on knowledge
21cnetworks: It's a shame Sybex stopped publishing Junos study guides. Why did they stop publishing this as i prefer to read a good book and make notes instead of reading content online...
kfreitas: To 21cnetworks Unfortunately there was not enough demand for the publisher to maintain these books. We did transform them into PDFs so you can print them and make notes if that is what works best for you.
sushilmenon: since both the j-series router and the srx support the same junos version and same funtionality when it comes to security. so for preparing for the certs can we do it on j-series routers or do we need srx platforms only
JanLaTourette: To sushilmenon This answer's "sushilmenon's" question: Good question. The best way to prepare for the certification is the use the platforms that you are studying for. If you want an ER certification, use the JSeries hardware. If you want the SEC certification, use the SRX hardware. We have the courses and certificaions for both are both available on the Fast Track portal.
jmattan: Secret Question!! sorahl which is the best track to start with, as a noob to junos? A: kfreitas: To sorahl New JUNOS candidate's should begin with the Intro to JUNOS Associate Track. Check out http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/junosintro_track.html which will prep you for the JNCIA-JUNOS exam - the entry-level, foundation of JUNOS certifications.
skreenerd: congratulation for the flash-made courses on the juniper web; it is a great step to start on this as basis; any plans to develop in flash any more courses ?
Mister_Bill: To skreenerd The fast-track portal www.juniper.net/fasttrack is being updated regularly. We are working on some new courses, stay tuned.
Joris: Are you planning on running JUNOS on the E-series in the future?
kfreitas: To Joris E-series will run JUNOSe software. There are no plans to try to make the ERX boxes work with JUNOS.
codylerum: at what point will IPv4 NLRI's be supported in an IPv6 BGP session?
jmattan: To codylerum Unfortunately that question is beyond the scope of this certification and training JUNOS live event. Can you please check with your Juniper Reseller or Juniper Account Rep/ SE on that one?
donotcry: what is the best strategy for people who owns JNCIE-M to get JNCIE-ER. Is the enterprise routing book good enough for the preparation?
JanLaTourette: To donotcry Answering "donotcry" - The best way to study for the JNCIE-ER exam is to study and take the JNCIA-ER and the JNCIS-ER exams first - and a lot of handson experience. The AJRE course has a lot of handson labs that will help you prepare.
spuluka: Is it possible to purchase the class book and lab book for courses? I'm interested in the firewall track since we deploy a lot of the SSG series. Getting days off and traveling for training is hard. I found having the books and labs in fast track really did work.
kfreitas: To spuluka From Juniper, no we do not sell class materials. You can contact our Authorized Training Centers to check with them, but this is not done at Juniper.
jmattan: 5 minutes left so get your questions in!!!
muttbarker: it is worth nothing that two of the sybex books - jncia and jnicp (i believe) are now out there on amazons kindle
jmattan: To muttbarker Good plug. Smiley Happy
a_2X4: I would like a copy of the PDFs of the previous Sybex books. How do we get them?
Mister_Bill: To a_2X4 The sybex books can be downlaoded here: http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/books.html
Venture37: Is there any way of being notified when the juniper one day training courses are made available, I've missed the london session twice now as they're all fully booked up
jmattan: To Venture37 If you register for the JUNOS site (junos.juniper.net) you should be notified of future training events like that.
jmattan: the transcript of this event will be posted on this URL later today.
sushilmenon: the main problem in working towards juniper certs is availability of the equipments for practice they are expensive!!!. like dynamips we can simulate all cisco routers and work on them till ccie level cert with dynamips cisco certs gained more momentum in the market and thats why even cisco didnt stop it's development. will juniper support any simulator like olive this can greatly enhance the popularity of junos in the market and among individuals. I have seen with customers looking for proficie...
kfreitas: To sushilmenon If you are a J-Partner Reseller, you can access a virtual lab application to practice in a simulated environment. If not, you can rent Open Lab Time at a number of our Juniper Networks Authorized Education Centers (JNAECs), such as: Dynamic Worldwide (US), JUNOS Remote Lab (EMEA). Proteus Networks (US)
jmattan: Secret Question: sorahl which is the best track to start with, as a noob to junos? A: kfreitas: To sorahl New JUNOS candidate's should begin with the Intro to JUNOS Associate Track. Check out http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/junosintro_track.html which will prep you for the JNCIA-JUNOS exam - the entry-level, foundation of JUNOS certifications.
Venture37: hmm, I am, *goes to double check settings*
jmattan: To Venture37 shoot me an email at jmattan@juniper.net with that question and I'll forward it to the person who runs the one day training program.
Venture37: thanks Jeff
zoidberg: Hello. What are the steps to become a JNCI?
JanLaTourette: To zoidberg Answering "zoidberg". You first need to be an employee of JUniper Networks or one of our Authorized Education Centers - are you?
Mister_Bill: Great questions folks!
jmattan: Next JUNOS Live Chat is Tuesday, Oct 6 at this same time (11am Pacific). We will talk about Scripting and Automation. Look on J-Net (and Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) for the full event description. Thanks all for joining this one.
jmattan: Last call for questions!
sushilmenon: Jeff, Bill and everyone thanks a lot for answering our questions
jmattan: To sushilmenon sure thing. Thanks for attending!
skreenerd: can we send now for contest?
jmattan: To skreenerd yup!!
David_Klein: How do I test to be a certified trainer?
kfreitas: To David_Klein To become a certified trainer, you will need to be sponsored by a Juniper Networks Authorized Training Center or Juniper Networks Education Services.
ac: Thank you for joining us today, we'll see you again on Oct 6 at 11AM PT for the next live chat.
skreenerd: which are other ways to contact u , besides email and facebook??
jmattan: To skreenerd those are the best ways. Many of us are on twitter as well, I'm JUNOSJeff, so that works too.
skreenerd: thanks for the chat


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Re: 9/22/09 11am PT, Live Text Chat with Training and Cert. team on new JUNOS-based certs and course

‎09-23-2009 05:38 PM

Here are the winners of our 3 JUNOS bookpacks. 


Olof Kasselstrand: Sweden

Paul Thomas: USA

Joris Van Deuren: Belgium





PS Remember that we'll have 3 more JUNOS bookpacks available at our Oct 6 JUNOS Live Chat on Scripting and Automation.