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‎11-30-2011 10:17 AM

Hi there,

On JUNOS Software Release [9.3R3.8] I've created a new routing table inet.100 and I add a static blackhole route to it using:

#set routing-options rib inet.100 static A.B.C.D/32 reject


I want to use this routing table in BGP for exporting blackhole routes from it on the edge and tag them with the already agreed blackhole community with our peers e.g.. ASN:666. I've tried using the following statement but it seems that BGP is not using that even if the policy is:

#policy-statement exp-routes-to-peer {
term 1 {
from protocol aggregate;
then accept;
term 2 {
from {
rib inet.100;
then {
community add BLACKHOLE;
community add NOEXPORT;
term 3 {
then reject;

I also want to copy the routes from inet.100 table to inet.0 table, I've tried using rib-group export and import but that didn't work as well since it only copy from inet.0 to inet.100 not the other way e.g. 

#set routing-options rib-groups export-to-inet.0 export-rib inet.100

Is this possible in JUNOS? Or I am doing something wrong?


The reasoning for all this separate table creation is that we will have to configure the blackhole route only ones in this inet.100 table.



Re: Anyone???

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‎01-19-2012 07:32 PM

Did you consider using policy-options?