Assigning forwarding-class via firewall rules

‎05-15-2017 05:19 AM

Hi All,


I am preparing for my JNCIE-ENT and the one section that has always given me trouble on past tests is CoS so I am taking time to really dig deep into the wide range of topics and I have hit a snag regarding forwarding classes that I believe I know what is going on but I need confirmation.


If you have a router that is taking ingress packets and using a firewall filter to look for particular packets with certain characteristics (for example, tcp/443 packets) and, if they match, move them to, say, forwarding-class expedited-forwarding.  Now that I am writing this out, I am assuming this only moves it to the expedited-forwarding queue for the local device and only affects traffic on that device.  If I want that packet to be marked as DSCP EF going throughout the network (assuming no rewrite rules are done elsewhere), then I will need to mark the packets as EF along with changing the forwarding class?


Any tips or information would be appreciated.