Bandwidth limits based on destination

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  I've racked my brain on this one.  I need a firewall rule that will limit bandwidth based on the destination of the traffic.  If it is on the in-net public IPs I need it to be 10Mb at the port.  If it is anywhere else in the world that speed needs to changed to a limit of 3Mb.


I am currently limiting the port to 3Mb with a simple class of service statement but I am told it needs to be a bit more dynamic then that.


I found this: http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/junos/junos94/swconfig-policy/if-exceeding.html#if-exceedin...


I'm afraid I dont quite understand where each value kicks in.  Maybe if you guys could help me define the following I could fill in the peices.


bandwidth-limit bps;

bandwidth-percent number;

burst-size-limit bytes;





Re: Bandwidth limits based on destination

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Would you please be able to provide more information?

1/ should unused BW towards off-net destinations be shared with on-net destinations?

2/ should unused BW towards on-net destinations be shared with off-net destinations?

3/ what handware are you trying it on?

4/ what JUNOS version?




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