De-commisioning server in Junos space

‎03-30-2016 12:48 PM


I am new to Junos space and this forum.

Need help with de-commisioning servers in Junos space.

Looking for some option where we can delete an object of a server from all different rules and Object groups it exists in at once and not have to go to all the rules seperately to delete its instance from there and then delete the object.





Re: De-commisioning server in Junos space

‎04-06-2016 01:10 AM

Hi Poonam,


There is no one-step method for doing this as of SD 15.1, but you can use the following to make your change a little easier:


From within Security Director, go to Firewall Policies and select Address Object you wish to delete from the Address Entries at the bottom of the page.


Select the Address object and then click Delete.


The delete will fail because the object is in use, but it will helpfully list all the address-groups that the object is present in (along with the Firewall Policies).


Remove the address from the listed address-groups (if any) and click Save.


Now in the Filter Rules search box at the top of the page, type in the address object name and click the Search icon.


You will now be provided with a list of all the rules that the address object appears in.  


It will still require manual removal of either the object from the rule, or the entire rule if it is the only object referenced, but at least you now have a filtered list.


Hope this helps!

Ben Dale
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