EX3400 18.1R3 FTP Bugg - Routing-instance

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Recently i've had the need to patch a few of our EX3400 switches, but with an issue where the FTP server is only reachable in a routing-instance there is no option to specify this under "Request system software add...".

So the only option is to 'ftp host routings-instance instance" and then download the .tgz to /var/tmp/ and then request add software from the local dir.

I've done it sucessfully on a couple of switches but have recieved a strange bugg on 2 EX3400's with different junos OS version.

Both EX3400 with version 18.1R3 and 15.1 displays this error when specifying anything but 'ftp host-adress'.
root@XXX-SW01> ftp host routing-instance instance
ftp: illegal option -- J
usage: ftp [-46AadefginpRtVv] [-N netrc] [-o outfile] [-P port] [-q quittime]
[-r retry] [-s srcaddr] [-T dir,max[,inc]]
[[user@]host [port]] [hostSmiley Tongueath[/]] [file:///file]
[ftp://[user[Smiley Tongueass]@]host[Smiley Tongueort]/path[/]]
[http://[user[Smiley Tongueass]@]host[Smiley Tongueort]/path] [...]
ftp -u URL file [...]

I've had to resolve this with starting the FTP-service on the switches and then adding files from my computer via WINScp, but does anyone know what this error could be the case of?

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Re: EX3400 18.1R3 FTP Bugg - Routing-instance

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Please check the is your system is running FreeBSD11 (OCCAM) kernel or Legacy (non-OCCAM) kernel. FTP with routing-instance is not supported on Occam based devices



start shell user root

root@e11-42:~ # what `which ftp`

FTP built by builder on 20180730.152300
feyrith.juniper.net:/volume/build/junos/occam/gcc/freebsd/stable_11/20180725.182919_builder_stable_11.2cd3a6e/obj/amd64/usr.bin/ftp <<<< this is ocaam



FTP release 18.4R1.8 built by builder on 2018-12-17 04:25:48 UTC
svl-junos-p001:/volume/build/junos/18.4/release/18.4R1.8/obj/i386/bsd/usr.bin/ftp << this is non-occam



You can use following method to do FTP via the instance:


show route forwarding-table table instance_name extensive | match "Routing table"
Routing table: instance_name.inet [Index 10009]  < get the istance index

start shell

setfib -F 10009 ftp   <<< it will allow you to do ftp via routing-instance


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Re: EX3400 18.1R3 FTP Bugg - Routing-instance

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Tricky but does the job.

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