Eventd not running on one of a pair of stacked EX4200.

‎10-23-2018 04:09 AM

Hi All,


We have a pair of EX4200 switches. The issue is that one of the stacked switch (e.g. master 0) is unable to log any data so when we issue a 'show log messages', no logs appears. However, on the second switch, 'show log messages' works. We did a 'restart event-processing all-members' and we found out that fpc0 is displaying errors saying that 'Event processing process is not running' and eventually saying that 'Event processing process was not restarted'. fpc1 had no issues as I saw the new PID process number. I have gone into shell and did a 'df-m' and determined that /var has sufficient disk space.


Does anyone know where else we should look at to see why eventd is not running or why is refuses to start. Under /var/logs, the file messages is 0kb in size and I have no idea why eventd is unable to start.