Exporting netflow data on mx960 using a service interface (NEVER SOLVED)

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‎11-27-2015 06:42 PM

Hi guys , im looking for some clear example about exporting netflow version 9 on my mx960.

I begin reading this documentation:



But there is not a clear example, I also dont know if netflow version9 is supported in my plataform.

Please provide some light for me !!




 Sorry guys, I changed the subjet so anyone keeps reading here.

I never could make nflow works on my mx960 router, I had to take the flows from a linux machine.



Re: Exporting netflow data on mx960 using a service interface

‎11-28-2015 04:58 AM

This template for version 9 notes the following requirement on the MX platform.


Note: Version 9 requires that you install a services PIC, such as the Adaptive Services PIC or Multiservices PIC in the device. On MX Series routers, the Multiservices DPC fulfills this requirement.



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Re: Exporting netflow data on mx960 using a service interface

‎11-30-2015 07:24 AM

Dear Spuluka , thanks for your support , I would like to ask you two questions:


1) About interface with sp-x/x/x format:

Where are phiscally located this interface ? for instace.

If I declare sp-0/0/0 , I will take the netflow packets from the ge-0/0/0 location ?


How can I confirm if my hardware support exporting netfllow version 9 ?
This is my hardware:

FPC 0            REV 17   750-031089   ABBM6949          MPC Type 2 3D
  CPU            REV 06   711-030884   ABBM6921          MPC PMB 2G 
  MIC 0          REV 24   750-028392   ABBM9583          3D 20x 1GE(LAN) SFP
    PIC 0                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           10x 1GE(LAN) SFP	interface from where I will take the netflow packets.

  MIC 1          REV 26   750-028387   ABBT7281          3D 4x 10GE  XFP
    PIC 2                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           2x 10GE  XFP
      Xcvr 0     REV 03   740-014289   CC22BQ039         XFP-10G-SR		interface where I want to monitor
      Xcvr 1     REV 03   740-014289   CC22BQ033         XFP-10G-SR

I apreciate your help.