IP-Sec VPN behind SRX

03.09.12   |  
‎03-09-2012 02:43 AM

We are currently having a problem with an SRX-220h.

We use the SRX to manage all of our inbound internet traffic to various network segments.
In one of our segments we have a draytek 2820 firewall which need to establish an ip-sec VPN to their campus.


When we ping from the Draytek througd the SRX we can see an icmp log in the security policie of the SRX firewall.


As soon as we try to connect the IP-SEC vpn we see in the syslog of the draytek traffic and "initiating IKE Agressive Mode".

But the SRX doesn't show anything in the Security policie. Even when we set everything to any any.


Are there some settings that we have to enable to get an IP-sec passthougd vpn working on the SRX?


Draytek > SRX > Internet > Campus