JUNOS Space Restore Backup

‎02-18-2015 11:48 PM

Hi All


In our Lab environment i have following "Productive" setup with 2 JUNOS SPACE nodes up and running.

What i would like to do is to update this 2 node Cluster to a newer Version. For this reason i made a backup of the running configuration and exported the backup to my computer.  So that I'm able to test the upgrade on a dedicated JUNOS-SPACE Machine. But always if i would like to restore this backup on a single JUNOS SPACE Node it doesn't work.


My Question: Are there any requierments to met, before restoring a SPACE backup ?

i.e. having the same amount of NODES? Must have same IP-Adresses running on the machine, like in the backup ?


Thanks for your Feedback. Attached a printscreen with the failure i always receive, when i try to restore on the dedicated machine.