Junos 10.0 on J4300

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‎01-26-2011 06:07 AM

Is Junos 10.0 and above supported or will it work on a J-4300? Release notes calls for the newer J2350, J4350 and J6350 series. I would have to upgrade the dram on my router but don't want to waste my time if  it doesn't work.





Re: Junos 10.0 on J4300

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‎01-27-2011 02:50 PM

I have a note on our Juniper wiki that JUNOS 9.3Rx is the last supported JUNOS on J2300/J4300/J6300 devices. These devices need 512 Mb of SDRAM installed to run this version of JUNOS.


Devices with less than 512 Mb of SDRAM look like they are restricted to JUNOS 8.5.


For grins I installed 9.5 on a J4300 spare router I have and it looks like the on-board fast Ethernet interfaces were not found. Poking around with /var/log/messages and dmesg showed that the fe device driver looks like it was removed or replaced so the interfaces are not plumbed up.


It looks like a T1 PIM will work just fine, just not the on-board FE interfaces and I doubt JTAC will give you much support love if you ran something like this.


Hopefully someone out there will correct me if I'm wrong about this.



Re: Junos 10.0 on J4300

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‎01-31-2011 06:12 AM

Thanks for the reply. Hoping for 10.0 but if you lost the ethernet interfaces just going to 9.6 then I am not too optimistic.


Thanks agin