Junos 6500 VPN Appliance | Rebooting with "dsmond: lock.cc:" error

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‎10-22-2018 08:16 AM

We have a Juniper 6500 IVE VPN appliance that we have factory reset.


We are unable to get through the initial configuration process. When entering the IP address information, after a certain amount of time the prompt is interupted with a message stating dsmond: lock.cc: before being locked into a prompt of requesting a reload or shutdown. It looks like this:


Starting system software version 6.3R7 (build 14969)

Using drivers: igb e1000
Licensing Hardware ID: 123ABC123ABC123ABC123ABC

About to boot as a stand-alone IVE.
Hit TAB for clustering options, wait or hit Enter to continue.....
Starting Core Services

Welcome to the initial configuration of your server!
NOTE: Press 'y' if this is a stand-alone server or the first
machine in a clustered configuration.
If this is going to be a member of an already running cluster
press n to reboot. When you see the 'Hit TAB for clustering options'
message press TAB and follow the directions.
Would you like to proceed (y/n)?: y
Note that continuing signifies that you accept the terms
of the Juniper license agreement. Type "r" to read the
license agreement (the text is also available at any time
from the License tab in the Administrator Console).
Do you agree to the terms of the license agreement (y/n/r)?: y

Please provide ethernet configuration information
IP address:
Network mask:
Default gateway:
Please provide DNS nameserver information:
Primary DNS server:
Secondary (optional):
DNS domain(s):

dsmond: lock.cc:

Do you wish to reboot now ? (y/n) (y=reboot, n=shutdown):
Do you wish to reboot now ? (y/n) (y=reboot, n=shutdown):

I'm not sure what dsmond: lock.cc: refers to or how to find out.


The reason why we had to factory reset the device was becuase the following error message kept showing up on console from the main menu:


Press Enter to modify system settings.
Doing warm restart.
Bounce action message: Cannot open cache context.

Doing a warm restart (external)
Exiting (args = '--recover') because another cache server process (pid = -1) is already runninng
Unable to recover system state - error code 65280
Shutting down network...

After this error kept cropping up we decided to factor set the device, but are now met with the intial problem I described above.


Can anyone any advise what the root cause of this issue is or perhaps where to start looking? Google isn't being very helpful. 


Thanks in the advance. I am happy to provide more information if requested.




Re: Junos 6500 VPN Appliance | Rebooting with "dsmond: lock.cc:" error

‎10-22-2018 04:32 PM

The IVE appliance is not a Junos device.  This was part of the Netscreen aquisition and was then later spun out to a private equity firm a few years back. 


The new company and product name is Pulse Secure and software and support for these are over on these forums.



Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP)