MPLS and/or IP traffic stats on MX204

‎09-18-2019 02:49 AM



Is there any way of getting some stats on how much MPLS and/or IP traffic is forwarded on an interface (or more specifically - how to check if there's any IPv4 traffic transiting the box)?




Re: MPLS and/or IP traffic stats on MX204

‎09-18-2019 07:28 AM

Seems there's no straight forward CLI command to my knowledge.


You can configure inet fitler to count ipv4 traffic and mpls flex filter to count mpls traffic. Just for trouble shooting purpose. Definitely not a good idea to have it running for a long time. 

Mengzhe Hu

Re: MPLS and/or IP traffic stats on MX204

‎09-18-2019 08:04 AM



You could try with show system statistics command, it will give you the packets receive and transmit information from the box perspective:




labroot@kamas-re0> show system statistics ip
1163187746 total packets received
0 bad header checksums
0 with size smaller than minimum
0 with data size < data length
0 with header length < data size
0 with data length < header length
0 with incorrect version number
0 packets destined to dead next hop
36 fragments received
0 fragments dropped (dup or out of space)
0 fragment sessions dropped (queue overflow)
0 fragments dropped after timeout
8 packets reassembled ok
1163325648 packets for this host
4 packets for unknown/unsupported protocol
0 packets forwarded
0 packets not forwardable
0 redirects sent
1165030829 packets sent from this host
27361 packets sent with fabricated ip header
0 output packets dropped due to no bufs
29305 output packets discarded due to no route
66 output datagrams fragmented
346 fragments created
0 datagrams that can't be fragmented
0 packets with bad options
1059 packets with options handled without error
0 strict source and record route options
0 loose source and record route options
0 record route options
0 timestamp options
0 timestamp and address options
0 timestamp and prespecified address options
0 option packets dropped due to rate limit
1059 router alert options
0 multicast packets dropped (no iflist)
0 packets dropped (src and int don't match)
0 transit re packets dropped on mgmt i/f
0 packets used first nexthop in ecmp unilist
578228944 incoming ttpoip packets received
0 incoming ttpoip packets dropped
578230438 outgoing TTPoIP packets sent
0 outgoing TTPoIP packets dropped
0 raw packets dropped. no space in socket recv buffer
0 packets consumed by virtual-node processing



labroot@kamas-re0> show system statistics mpls
0 Total MPLS packets received
0 Packets forwarded
0 Packets dropped
0 Packets with header too small
0 After tagging, packets can't fit link MTU
0 Packets with IPv4 explicit NULL tag
0 Packets with IPv4 explicit NULL cksum errors
0 Packets with router alert tag
0 LSP ping packets (ttl-expired/router alert)
0 Packets with ttl expired
0 Packets with tag encoding error
0 Packets discarded due to no route
0 Packets used first nexthop in ecmp unilist
0 Packets dropped due to ifl down