MX SNMP troubles with NAT pool


hello all,  


I'm working on configuring CGNAT to deal with running out of IPv4 addresses.  I believe I have that running as we need it to.  now i'm trying to pull the stats with SNMP so we can monitor whats going on.   I've got them pulling into NETXMS but its not updating the values until i ask the router to display the same mib info...


from the edit prompt, run show snmp mib walk ascii causes the snmp data being gathered by netxms to update, but it will not pull different data until I run that command again.... not sure what to do about this?


the exact OIDs are 






I pulled these OIDs found in   Day One  CGNAT up and running MX Series.   


I'd image I'm missing a step someplace to get this to auto-update, but I'm missing it. 


Re: MX SNMP troubles with NAT pool



Can you please check few things:


1. What is the SNMP configuration you have on the router?

2. How does the route look like for the NMS server from the router?

3. Did you try to enable snmp traceoptions to see what is reported there?




Hope this helps

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