Noob question alert - ping ok - no traceroute

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Greetings fellow Jun'ites,


I am new to Juniper and router config in general, been more systems and *NIX. So, I apologize in advance for any misuse of nomenclature, or if this topic has been covered over and over ad nauseum already.


This is in a lab environment that is air-gapped. I have two M320s, eastcoast and westcoast, with the same hardware setup, running 9.3R4.4. They are talking BGP. All has been working well. All routes have been advertised and received correctly. The hardware is as follows: one router1600 engine, an FCP1 card is in slot FCP0 that has 3 1GB SFP copper PICs, in FCP1 we have an FCP3 with 1 10GB Zenpak PIC. I added a 10GB PIC to the FCP3 which was recognized without incident.  


I configured the interface which is now advertised and received without incident. But, on the "eastcoast" router I added a device,, on the network, off that new card it is not accessible from anywhere else, but on the local M320 itself, only via ping and telnet, but not traceroute. Did the same on the other router, westcoast, with and the device


From my limited knowledge the routes are published, I can ping the interfaces, and from all over the network, (we have cisco 3606s hanging off the M320s 1gb interfaces). Also, the device is a Spirent TestCenter with two 10GB interfaces.


Files of config and put of show route for each router are attached.






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Re: Noob question alert - ping ok - no traceroute

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It sounds like your Spirent doesn't have a route back to the source, when you ping from the remote device/router.  You might need to give your Spirent a default route, pointing to its locally connected router interface.




Re: Noob question alert - ping ok - no traceroute

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Thanx for the response Ben. That was the issue. Being new to Junipers and Spirent I just assumed the routing was messed up.