RSVP node/link protection

‎02-12-2019 07:57 AM

Hi All,


Just trying to understand a few concepts in regards to link and node proection. 


If you have a primary and secondary LSP within RSVP and use link and node protection my understand is that it provides subsecond failover times but also signals to the ingrees LSP with a path tear that the tunnel is down. Am i right in saying then that link and node protection just a temporary measure until the primary LSP is torn down and the secondary LSP kicks in?


Also is link and node protection calculated via CSPF shortest path by default? can you set contraints based on the link colouring or use a ERO and statically define the alternnate path?




Re: RSVP node/link protection

‎02-12-2019 04:26 PM

The protection mechanisms pre-signal the backup path which is what allows for the 50 ms switchover times.


Coloring can be used in the paths to include/exclude links.


Paths are separately defined and one option is to explicity set hop by hop if that level of control is desired. 


CSPF can be used or turned off on a per lsp basis as well.


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