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‎01-12-2012 10:55 PM

We have service now up and running. Only thing is that I am unable to install AI-scripts on our mixed EX4500 and 4200 VC. Any Idea why? or is it just not supported?


"Resolved Issues

  • You cannot use Service Now to install AI-Script bundles in a mixed EX4200 and EX4500 Virtual Chassis because, unlike other Junos OS devices, this device does not support the request-scripts-package-add remote procedure call (RPC). [PR 719005]" 
    So this should work...


Anyway. Since there are no device snapshots we receive e-mails about that every day. The problem is also that I have configured it to send to a group email and somehow to myself and my colleagues individually. I would first of like to delete the group email notification on this specific event (reminder) and I would also like to edit the individual email addresses.


In Service now - notifications there are four (original) templates. None of them stating the snapshot rule and every one of them has just the group email assigned / filtered. There should be another place to configure all emails sent from servicenow@juniper.net 

Thanks for a quick and easy reply!


Re: Service Now e-mail notification

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‎01-13-2012 05:21 AM
Hi, Can you specify what version of Space you are running and also the version of Junos running on your switches? What happens when you try to assign the event profile? And it sounds like you are getting duplicate notifications? Or just that wrong people are receiving them? Thx -Keith