Suppress error messages

‎10-28-2017 03:08 AM

Is there some trick to supress warning messages on commit?


We have Juniper SRX firewalls and updating the policy from Junos Space always ends up giving "Failure" status because of those warnings. Policy gets installed most of the time but not always and it causes Space get "stuck" and services needs to be restarted which is slow and annoying.


We have situation described here: https://kb.juniper.net/KB31391 and we cannot fix it and use web-redirect. We are using authentication in many firewall rules and you get that error per policy where it's used so it's flooding the screen on commit making it hard to see if there's really some issue.


We will be make sure to make ticket to Juniper about Space stumbling those warnings causing unstable behaviour but meanwhile I would like to suppress those warnings from CLI also. Any ideas? Thanks!

Tero S