Throughput testing ..?

‎04-29-2014 01:13 PM


Hi guys,


Alot of people know the J series stuff and say the firewall falls over under alot of load. But it was cheap and i have purchased it!


Its my test box J2320 which I have "upgraded" It came with a 2.0 Celeron Processor and 256mb ram.


I have managed to get an old P4 working (not hyperthreading) and inserted another 1 gig of ram.

Specfications are P4 2.8 gig! and 1.5 DDR1 ram


I would now be intrested to know how much throughput this device can handle now versus the factory specs!


How could I test the device?






Re: Throughput testing ..?

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‎05-01-2014 10:54 AM

iperf is a standard open source utility that you can use. There are others available, which you may find mentioned here if you search the forum. Do report your findingsSmiley Happy

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