Traffic Shaping based on DHCP Discover

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‎05-06-2014 09:07 AM

We are looking to set up something similar to a subscriber model, with subscribers/customers terminating on Q-in-Q statically/manually created logical interfaces on an MX. The S vlan relates to the MSAN, and the C vlan is the customer belonging to that particular MSAN.


Each subscriber/customer will recieve their IP from DHCP. We don't have a need to authenticate customers against a RADIUS Server, or a need (at this time) to create the interfaces dynamically.


We want to dynamically Traffic Shape/ Apply CoS to each customer vlan based on the "Actual data rate Downstream in kb/s." that will be included the DHCP Discover message according to Broadband Forum TR-101 (See Appendix B on Page 100-101).


Is this possible without using a RADIUS server to send the VSA attribute back to the MX?


I've reviewed some of the JUNOS documentation, but I can't find anythind concise that refers to this type of implementation.