Unable to add a new l2circuit

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I'm having a problem adding a new L2 circuit to my MX80 router.  I currently have 6 other pseudowires connected to other routers from this one, but trying to add another gives the error:


[edit interfaces ge-1/1/2 unit 0]
Only the CCC family is allowed on CCC interfaces
error: configuration check-out failed


The config for the port is:


ge-1/1/2 {
     encapsulation ethernet-ccc;
     unit 0 {
          family ccc;

....which is the same format as for the other pseudowires.


If I remove 'unit 0' and 'family ccc' from the interface then it passes the commit check ok.


The config for the l2circuit is:


interface ge-1/1/2.0 {
    virtual-circuit-id 1010;

The box is running JunOS 13.3R8.7   - is there some kind of limit to the number of pseudowires that can be configured?


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Unable to add a new l2circuit

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‎10-12-2017 07:45 AM

Found the problem.  There was some legacy config of:


set groups inline-jflow interfaces <ge-1/1/*> unit <*> family inet sampling input

which was being inherited and causing the problem.