dual wan, dual path config help

‎09-05-2011 01:01 PM




Hoping the community can help with a dual wan setup I am trying to configure on the SRX100 running 10.3 junos and cannot seems to find the right answer on the forums.


Right now I have two WAN interfaces setup where WAN1 goes to ISP1 which is a direct connection for SIP hosted phones only, and WAN2 for ISP2 which is for everything else.  I setup static routes so all traffic for the SIP phones go out WAN1 and a default route to WAN2 which is working fine.


I have two issues I am trying to resolve, first should be simple where I want to access WAN1 remotely from anywhere for admin and monitoring purpose only.  I tried to setup dual default routes but this did not work for testing and is not want I want anyway for a final setup.  The second is a bit more complicated, where I want both interfaces to backup each other, if the one of the WAN connections go down all traffic will go out the ones that is still up.


There seems to be more than one way to skin this can and wanted to hear thoughts on how to best set things up.




Re: dual wan, dual path config help

‎09-09-2011 12:00 AM