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I have been told by Juniper PS that when using VLAN Aware Bundle mode eVPN, a single VLAN must be assignd to a different unit. This sounds odd to me as looking at the configuration (below url), the interface mode is trunk and is configured with a  vlan-id-list. This certainly infers that multiple VLANs can be assigned to a unit and dropped into a customer routing-instance. I applied configation using multiple VLANs and the syntax is accepted.  We plan to test this to see if the config works but obviouly need Juniper ot underwrite/support what we intend to use. 


Does anyone else use such configuration and can you point me to a Juniper URL detailing this config?





Re: eVPN - VLAN Aware Bundle

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 info regarding the various EVPN bundle versions

VLAN AWARE Bundle Service Interface

instance-type virtual-switch

  • Multiple broadcast domains (VLANs)
  • N:1 mapping between VLAN ID and EVI, instance type virtual-switch
  • Multiple bridge domains, one for each VLAN
  • VLAN translation is allowed
  • Normalized tag is carried on MPLS network
  • Ethernet tag in route set to configured tag
  • Port based VLAN aware service interface is a special case

VLAN Bundle Service Interface

  • Multiple broadcast domains (VLANs)
  • N:1 mapping between VLAN ID and EVI, instance type virtual-switch.
  • Single bridge domain for each EVI, which means that multiple VLANs share the same bridge table.
  • Many-to-one mapping between VLAN ID and EVI.
  • MACs must be unique across VLANs
  • VLAN translation is NOT allowed
  • Ethernet tag in route set to 0
  • Original VLAN tag is carried over MPLS network
  • Port based Service Interface is a special case special case
  • No IRB (Layer 3) possible, resembles VPLS


VLAN-aware Bundle Service Interface/Virtual switch – Configuration

routing-instances {

    EVPN-2 {

        instance-type virtual-switch;


        vrf-target target:65320:2;

        protocols {

            evpn {

                label-allocation per-instance;

                extended-vlan-list [ 110 120 ];



        bridge-domains {

            BD10 {

                domain-type bridge;

                vlan-id 110;

                interface ge-1/0/1.110;


            BD20 {

                domain-type bridge;

                vlan-id 120;            

                interface ge-1/0/1.120;






Hope that helps as a short info on the various bundle services in EVPN




PS: Juniper has some nice Day One Books on EVPN and DCI


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‎09-30-2019 10:54 AM

I believe both ways are fine



VLAN-Aware Bundle Service

VLAN-aware bundle services supports the mapping of one or more routing instances of type Virtual Switch to many VLAN IDs (VIDs) and multiple bridge tables, with each bridge table corresponding to a different VLAN. To enable VLAN-aware bundle service, configure a Virtual Switch routing instance. For service provider-related applications, where the VLAN ID is local to the Layer 2 logic interface, enable the flexible-vlan-tagging statement in your configuration. For enterprise-related applications, where the VLAN ID has global significance, enable the family ethernet-switching statement in your configuration. VLAN-aware bundle service supports up to 4000 VLANs per routing instance.






Let's not look at EVPN, because there's no difference in EVPN instance and Bridge Domain in terms of configs.

Your question should be an old topic, service-provider vs enterprise style of layer 2 interface configuration 



Mengzhe Hu