ex2300 upgrade not enough space

‎06-23-2020 11:11 PM


i just purchase brand new ex2300 48T

the problem this is new and just a basic config.. and the junos os also default from factory.. (Junos: 18.1R3.3)

i want try to update junos 18.1 R3 S10 and follow the instruction by file copy bla bla bla..


after request system software add .....

the process is running and suddently error it said not enough space..

quite funny..this is a fresh switch brand new.. but lack of free space..cant upgrade ..


i have read this article as well:



solution format install using USB is the last option but actually not a good idea..haha


any experience before?


Re: ex2300 upgrade not enough space

‎06-23-2020 11:39 PM

Hello Hendranata,


This is actually a strange behaviorSmiley LOL


> Did you copy the file to /var/tmp directory?


check the device storage:


>show system storage.


If the storage is full, please delete the unwanted files.

request system storage cleanup dry-run  >> To view files that you want to delete.

request system storage cleanup >> This will delete the file.


Once you clean-up the storage, try to upgrade the device again by copying the file to /var/tmp directory.


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Re: ex2300 upgrade not enough space

‎06-24-2020 12:06 AM

i am success update junos os using this guide: https://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB34652&actp=LIST_RECENT


but once done. i want to upgrade another junos version.. seems not much free space left..

after perform: system request cleanup

free space is still not enough..


i hope juniper can build sw with 3-4gb flash storage.. 2 gb is too little


Re: ex2300 upgrade not enough space

‎06-24-2020 12:42 AM

Hello hendranata,


it is a known case that EX2300 does not have much free space for JunOS installations, this is the same for EX3400.


This does not affect EX2300-MP, as this has more free space.


Beside your mentioned KB article, there is one more article which are worth to know:



Additionally, you can find a workaround for this issue here:



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Re: ex2300 upgrade not enough space

‎06-24-2020 01:56 AM


Hi hendranata,



EX2300 and EX3400 switches are equipped with a 2GB flash disk whose disk size is sufficient to be able to store release images, system files, and logs. However, when storage space becomes more heavily utilized over time, there may not be enough disk space available to complete a software update.

This article is written to provide guidance on how to manage storage space and potentially overcome any obstacles tied to space that are encountered in a software update.

If for any reason the information in this article does not address the issues tied to disk space that are encountered during a software update, contact the Support for further assistance.


  1. Run the request system storage cleanup command. This will remove any unnecessary files but keep everything under /root intact:
root@juniper> request system storage cleanup
  1.  Run the request system snapshot delete snap* command. This will delete any existing recovery snapshots that are stored on the system.
root@juniper> request system snapshot delete snap*
  1. Copy os-package and package-hooks-ex to /var/tmp.
  2. Install the two packages by using the request system software add" command:

root@juniper> request system software add /var/tmp/os-package.tgz
root@juniper> request system software add /var/tmp/package-hooks-ex.tgz
  1. Install the Junos OS release software by using the no-copy, unlink, and force options under the request system software add command:
root@juniper> request system software add /var/tmp/junos-arm-32-18.4R1.8.tgz force unlink no-copy

The unlink option is available in Junos OS Release 18.1R2. It removes the .tgz file immediately after the unpack so that the image size calculation takes into account the freed up space tied to the image deletion. This effectively reduces the amount of space needed by the process to 2X instead of 3X. Note that there are some occasions where the add will fail. Try it a second time before moving on.

  1. Reboot the system to complete the Junos OS release SW installation process.

After the upgrade is complete, remove the two packages and reboot the system. The show version command will provide information about install packages as shown in the below example.

  1. os-package
  2. package hooks

root@juniper> show version                             
Hostname: d11-12
Model: ex3400-48t
Junos: 18.2R3-S2.7
JUNOS OS Kernel 32-bit  [20191022.14c2ad5_builder_stable_11]
JUNOS OS libs [20191022.14c2ad5_builder_stable_11]
JUNOS OS runtime [20191022.14c2ad5_builder_stable_11]
JUNOS OS time zone information [20191022.14c2ad5_builder_stable_11]
JUNOS py extensions [20191029.212835_builder_junos_182_r3_s2]
JUNOS py base [20191029.212835_builder_junos_182_r3_s2]
JUNOS network stack and utilities [20191029.212835_builder_junos_182_r3_s2]
JUNOS libs [20191029.212835_builder_junos_182_r3_s2]
JUNOS runtime [20191029.212835_builder_junos_182_r3_s2]
JUNOS package hooks ex [20191022.160523_sjg_dev_common]
JUNOS OS package [20191113.002318_sjg_stable_11]
JUNOS OS crypto [20191022.14c2ad5_builder_stable_11]
JUNOS Web Management Platform Package [20191029.212835_builder_junos_182_r3_s2]

Delete the two packages by using the request system software delete command:

root@juniper> request system software delete os-package   
root@juniper> request system software delete package-hooks-platform

Now reboot the system to complete the uninstallation process for the packages:

root@juniper> request system reboot all-members 

Format Install

If the above methods do not work, you can recover the switch by using the method identified in KB31265 - How to format install on EX2300 / EX3400. Note that this procedure will format the switch and all configurations will be lost.


NSSU will not work with these options.

It is highly recommended to take the necessary recovery snapshots after the upgrade activity completes.


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Re: ex2300 upgrade not enough space

‎06-24-2020 12:04 PM

Hello, Regarding the update for the EX2300 it is know that they have limited space. 

In order to upgrade that switch succesfully you can try the Request system storage clean up, However the space will be free until the device is rebooted, you can also add the force up no copy over to the Upgrade command. 

Request system software add /var/tmp/(Image name ) force unlink no-copy so the upgrade does not uses the space available on the switch and should be able to go through. 

In last resort as the upgrade still does not works we will need to make the format proccess in order to have the device upgraded but all config will be lost so take a copy of it before doing this proccess : 


Also as a side note in case you use the format proccess you can go directly from version 14 over to 18 using this proccess, but remember to add the Set system services ssh root login allow so you do not lose the SSH access to the siwtch as on version 18 there is a implicit root ssh login denied on this software. 


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Re: ex2300 upgrade not enough space

3 weeks ago

Do these package and hook files need to match the gz version of the OS being installed on to the ex2300 for upgrade?  I ask because it appears the package and hook isn't available on the Juniper downloads page, but only through the knowledgebase support page for this lack of storage to upgrade issue.  Is that the only link you can take to download these package and hook files?  


Re: ex2300 upgrade not enough space

3 weeks ago

Hi Hendranata,


I would recommend you to follow the below steps


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